The complaint against the “Army” fell in court

The complaint against the “Army” fell in court
The complaint against the “Army” fell in court

The appeal against the reconstruction of the “Bulgarian Army” stadium has been rejected. It was submitted by the candidate mayor of the Krasno selo district, Nikolay Veselinov, at the last possible moment before the construction permit came into effect.

On Monday, the Sofia Administrative Court closed case No. 10156. In fact, the complaint was rejected on October 31, because the complainant did not provide a document of payment of the state fee.

Even then, the Sofia Administrative Court required Veselinov to justify his legal interest in appealing the act, given the fact that it was not his addressee. In the event that he falls within the circle of interested persons, the applicant should have submitted the relevant documents. Apparently, this did not happen and the case was finally dismissed.

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That appeal delayed the stadium’s redevelopment permit from taking effect. She also caused a protest by the fans by blocking “Orlov Most”.

Information is awaited from CSKA when construction activities can begin. “GAME OVER! We are waiting for the excavators,” the club’s former administrative director Milko Georgiev wrote on social networks.

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