Kremen Georgiev: From the New Year there should be new prices for heating

Parno. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The ombudsman of “Toplofikatsia-Sofia” Deyan Dyankov commented to “BNR” that people expect to receive clarifications on balancing accounts. He recalled that on August 31 the deadline for clients to submit expired objections and complaints for the invoices received by them. According to him, it was observed that this year the complaints were significantly less than last year. In addition, the number of unfounded objections had decreased significantly.

Dyankov also reported that people were interested in how they could be relievedtheir future heating and hot water bills. Regarding the reduction of Value Added Tax /VAT/ from 20 to 9% according to the ombudsman users did not fixate on this fact. In addition, it was decided to recalculate only those invoices where customers have to pay extra for the thermal energy they used. If they were to receive money, the VAT charged would be 20 percent, because back in time they paid that much.

According to Dyankov processing the invoices would take time. The reason was that in practice there would be an additional balancing of accounts.

Kremen Georgiev explained that for this purpose users do not need to take any action. The logic for balancing accounts was the same as for equal monthly ones. Georgiev also expressed the opinion that from the New Year there should have been new heating prices. The reason for this is that the value of natural gas for thermal energy has already reached 120 BGN. From September, she would be 350 BGN.

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