Premiere Danish series on bTV Action: Money Road

Premiere Danish series on bTV Action: Money Road
Premiere Danish series on bTV Action: Money Road
The new series is one of the few foreign productions broadcast by the giant BBC

From September 4 (Sunday), bTV Action starts broadcasting the premiere Danish series “Bedrag / Follow the Money”. Winner of the ‘Best Foreign Production’ award at the prestigious British television ‘C21 International Drama Awards’, the thriller promises to keep viewers in suspense and anticipation every night from 9pm.

The story:

Small Danish sustainable energy company Energeen is seeing record financial growth and becoming a key factor in the international energy market during negative times. However, everything changes when the police discover the dead body of a man who worked there. The employee Mihail Husenko was strangled with a cable and thrown into the water below the wind turbines.

The assertive detective Mads is hired to uncover the mystery, and his first encounter is with the company’s charismatic CEO, Alexander Södergren, who seems to be hiding something behind his charming smile and gallant demeanor. What’s behind the dirty “money road” – find out in the episodes of the hit Danish series from September 4, every night at 21:00!

Money Road has been a huge international success and is one of the few foreign language series to be bought by the BBC, just two months after its premiere in Denmark. The series was also broadcast in Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Australia, Slovenia, Portugal, etc.

In the main roles viewers will see famous Danish actors Thomas Bo Larsen, Nathalie Maduenho, Esben Schmed and Nicolai Lie Kaas.

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