Alien technology lies at the bottom of the ocean?

Alien technology lies at the bottom of the ocean?
Alien technology lies at the bottom of the ocean?

The world is beginning to take more and more seriously the possibility of the existence of life other than human. This may be due to the fact that the Pentagon is holding a meeting regarding the numerous UFO sightings that are now called UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena). In addition, there is now an entire department of the government dedicated to determining whether aliens pose a threat to human civilization.

However, a professor from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics is now taking the idea of ​​extraterrestrial life a little further. Avi Loeb will start an expedition that will try to retrieve pieces of a meteor that crashed into our planet eight years ago. Loeb believes that this meteor may be alien technology that crashed into the ocean, reports BGNES.

Astronomers at Harvard University plan to organize a mission to search for the first interstellar object in the solar system that fell…

Avi Loeb and another astrophysicist named Amir Siraj have released a paper for peer review about the possibility of alien technology in the ocean. Loeb and Siraj used data that was provided to NASA about this object, and they believe that it is from somewhere outside our solar system. Although most scientists who looked at this document rejected the idea, it was eventually determined that this object came from outside our solar system, writes “Giant Freakin Robot”.

This has prompted Loeb to prepare a $1.5 million expedition to try to collect pieces of this meteor from the ocean floor. Loeb was provided by the Department of Defense with data on where the meteor crashed. He plans to use an instrument holding a magnet to search the ocean floor. If it turns out to be extraterrestrial in nature, it would be the first time humans have collected anything of this size that is not from Earth.

Scientists are a bit more reserved about the idea that this alien technology in the ocean could be found, based on the little data that has been provided. We certainly don’t know what to expect, but it would be amazing if Loeb is right that this object is from another planet.

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