Shimunja: We are used to playing against a lot of opposition fans

Shimunja: We are used to playing against a lot of opposition fans
Shimunja: We are used to playing against a lot of opposition fans

The coach of Ludogorets – Ante Shimundza, spoke about the program “Home of football” for DIEMA SPORT, and the specialist analyzed the current situation with the “eagles”.

“The results are positive, we are doing well and at the moment we are competing in the championship and on the European stage. We managed to get into the Europa League groups. It is important for us to have a winning mentality and to accumulate a series of good results. We have to train, to improve and maintain this dynamic in the game.

What I like about our performance is the character. We showed great character and we are trying to progress. We will try to keep it in the future. Attitude is key and we show it on the field. It’s just the passion with which we play to win that stands out. When you score and lead the score, the team has more self-confidence. It’s the same when you win and record a clean sheet. I want us to gain self-confidence this way. I want to see aggression in both defense and attack. We can get there with a lot of work.

We conceded a few goals in the last two games. From static positions. It is very important to win the second ball after the cross. Not just the first one. We have to work on it. I want to see the best of the players in every game, so everyone has to be prepared. I’m lucky to have several choices for defenders. So it’s normal to have rotations. Everyone gives their best, so I have to keep them fresh and fit. Actually, I’m not just talking about defenders. When we want to look for a refresher on a post, we start looking for options. We’ll have to see what’s on the market. Not necessarily, but if we do it will be with a quality player.

The new signing of Ludogorets: I am 100% ready to take part in the match against Levski

I come from Sweden, where derbies are played in front of 50,000 people, he says

The group is interesting, it could be a group in SHL as well. It is important for me and the club and the players to take the games seriously and fight. The goal is not to chase a position, but to play good matches. We will find out in time what the end of the group phase will bring us. We have to act step by step.

We need to be bolder with the ball and transition from defense to attack as quickly as possible. Those are two things I want us to improve and keep at a high level.

“I expect an intense match, with a lot of tackling and running. I think it will be a class match. We know that we will play at the national stadium and many Levski fans will be there. This is motivating for us. Football is played for the fans and it is nice to compete in such an atmosphere. We are used to playing against a lot of opposition fans. This will give us more ambitions to succeed.”

“We are already in the new season. Those semi-finals are in the past, so now we are concentrating on something new. Claude Gonsalves and Dominik Yankov are still out with injuries. We have very little time to recover. The period from one match to the next one is small and it is difficult to keep the players fresh. We will rotate because this game is no different from the others. They can play with three defenders, they can also face us with 4-4-2. This will not so much importance. The system changes during the match. The most important thing is to be mentally ready and come in physically prepared for the matches. We are ready for anything,” concluded the Slovenian.

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