Turkey with evidence that Greece is using S-300 against its planes

The Turkish Ministry of Defense will hand over records to NATO representativesshowing Greece using the S-300 air defense system against its planes, CNN Turk reported.

The authorities in Ankara are convinced that the Turkish radar system has registered the activation of the Greek S-300 system the moment a Turkish Air Force aircraft entered its range.

Turkey has threatened “actions in self-defense” against Greece

The sharp confrontation between the two sides continues

The Turkish military claims this happened when F-16 fighter jets flew over the island of Rhodes. It was then that the Greek authorities activated the S-300 system for target tracking and guidance of surface-to-air missiles, unlocking their launch mechanism.

Entries will be forwarded eo The General Secretariat of NATO and to the ministries of defense of the member countries of the Alliance. According to NATO rules, the use of S-300 systems and subsequent measures are defined as hostile behavior.

Ankara: Greece intercepted our fighter jets over the Mediterranean Sea

Athens blamed the Turkish side

We remind you that yesterday – on August 30, on the occasion of The 100th anniversary of “Victory Day”when Turkey was commemorating the victory of the Turkish army over Greek forces in the 1922 battle near Afyon Kütahya in Asia Minor, President Erdoğan devoted a significant part of his speech to Greece as well, posing the question: “Are we ready to attack in 2023?”

Meanwhile, the US State Department refused to respond directly to Turkish signals against Greece and called the two neighboring countries to resolve their disputes through diplomatic channels.

Until now the Greek military denies have committed any acts that could be considered “hostile” under NATO rules.

The US State Department specifies that they are familiar with what is happening in the Balkans and will encourage the two countries – allies in NATO – Greece and Turkey to work together to maintain peace and security in the region.

Turkey has been a member of NATO for more than 70 years and as of the beginning of 2022 has announced that a total of 256 times Greek military aircraft have violated Turkish airspaceand 158 times Turkish planes were intercepted and harassed by Greece’s air defense system.

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