Epic Drama in three eras this September

Epic Drama in three eras this September
Epic Drama in three eras this September

With one long-awaited comeback and two more premieres, Epic Drama will travel through three eras this September. “The Submarine” / Das Boot – a TV sequel of sorts to Wolfgang Petersen’s (RIP) 1981 cult film – lands on the TV channel exclusively for CEE with its third season on September 29.

We’ll just say that critics in Germany and the UK, where the season has already aired, are calling it “the best yet,” and we’ll promise all fans of Tom Vlasiha (a.k.a. Jaqen H’ghar from Game of Thrones, and now such as Dmitri Antonov from Stranger Things) that he will be seen reprising his role as GESTAPO chief Hagen Forster.

Before we get there, however, as early as September 5 at 22:00 – we will see the French-language “Paris Police – 1900” – from one of the most renowned creators of TV content on the old continent, Canal+. On the same day, an hour and a half earlier, in the Murdoch belt, the charming Miss Peregrine Fisher debuted with “Miss Fisher’s New Mysteries” – season one.

The submarine
Premiere from Thursday September 29 at 10:00 p.m.
Season: 3
Number of episodes: 10 x 60 min.
Original title: Das Boot
Year: 2021

In the spring of 1943, Robert Ehrenberg set sail once again on an impossible mission with a very young and inexperienced commander and crew. Pursued by the vengeful Briton Swinburne, the crew of U-949 must have more than one hidden trump card to avoid doom; meanwhile, Hagan Forster (Tom Vlashiha) is assigned a mission in Lisbon. There he meets Klaus Hoffmann (young German star Rick Okon), who is unofficially helping the US Navy establish, through his father, Wilhelm Hoffmann, a link with the Reich Navy to end the war. Elsewhere – in Kiel – Wilhelm’s daughter, Hanni, cannot escape her loveless marriage, and subsequently the constraints of her situation and the dangerous regime make her play with fire.

Miss Fisher’s New Mysteries
Premiere every weekday from Monday September 5 at 8:30 p.m.
Season: 1
Number of episodes: 8 x 60 min.
Original title: Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries
Year: 2019

A stylish investigation from the creators of the ever-stylish and universally adored Miss Fisher Mysteries series; the modern-day Miss Fisher embodies style, glamor and adventure in this crime drama. When in 1964, her famous aunt who never known, disappears into the mountains of New Guinea, the imprudent Peregrine Fisher receives a large inheritance and must prove that she has a brilliant enough mind to become a world-class private investigator.Without direction, destined to fall from one unsatisfying job to another, Peregrine gets a new beginning from destiny…

Paris Police – 1900
Premiere from Monday, September 5 at 10:00 p.m.
Number of episodes: 8 x 60 min.
Original title: Paris Police 1900
Year: 2020

Paris, 1899: French President Félix Faure has just died – weakened by far-right anti-Semitic groups and growing anarchy, France has never looked so weak. When retired police chief Louis Lepin is urgently called upon to return to work and restore order to Paris, the discovery of a young woman’s corpse in a suitcase floating on the Seine spurs young and ambitious detective Antoine Jouin into action.

Meanwhile, corrupt police officer Joseph Fierce – who is known as an extortionist but also works as a hitman for the secret police – takes a special interest in this criminal investigation and recruits as a spy the courtesan Meg Stenell, who is accused of killing the president during sex. suffered from heart problems. In Paris, where crime and sin collide with luxury and puritanism, the paths of these heroes will cross and they will unite to save France.

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