Isabella Rossellini honored her mother Ingrid Bergman 40 years after her death

Isabella Rossellini honored her mother Ingrid Bergman 40 years after her death
Isabella Rossellini honored her mother Ingrid Bergman 40 years after her death

For much of the world Ingrid Bergman was a movie star. The Oscar winner starred in iconic films such as “Casablanca”, “The Unknowns”, “Murder on the Orient Express” and many others. But for Isabella RosselliniBergman was just “mom.”

A star in her own right, Rossellini is known for films like “Death looks like her”, “Blue Velvet” and many more. She is also the face of Lancome cosmetics and has a cameo role in “Friends”. Her show “Darwin’s Smile” about the intersection of art and science will begin an American tour in October. Rossellini, who has a master’s degree in animal behavior and conservation, says the show is a lesson in both evolution and acting, two subjects she studied hard.

This year the actress celebrates 40 years since the death of Ingrid Bergman, looking back with love, respect and understanding. Her mother passed away at the age of 67, right on her birthday on August 29, 1982.

“If I could say anything to mom, I would say ‘Thank you.’ I think about her every day”, says Rossellini. She adds that the relationship with her mother will always remain alive, despite her untimely death. “As time goes on, I understand mom more and my admiration for her grows”. In her words, admiration not only describes Bergman’s success as an actress, but also as a human being. “I realized how hard she fought”Rossellini also says.

Mentions how pres 1950 year the tabloids attacked her mother for falling in love with Roberto Rossellini while she was still married to Peter Lindström. The fury reaches the US capital, with even the Senate siding with Ingrid. However, she stands her ground and declares that Rossellini is the man she wants to marry. She said that she would even have three children from him, and so it happens.

Rossellini, now 70, notes that her mother died just as her career was taking off. “I got my first Vogue cover in 1982 when mum died. She never saw my success as an actress. It wasn’t with me when I had my own children or became a grandmother.”, says Isabella. However, he adds that he feels Bergman’s spirit every day.

“I have always loved my mother. I was never critical of her. She’s always been very independent and strong.”, says Rossellini. According to her, this character Bergman is built from the fact that orphaned at a very young age. Her mother died when the actress was 2 years old, and her father passed away 12 years later. She began taking care of herself as a teenager, and soon after moved to Hollywood to fill in for the retiring Greta Garbo.

Rossellini recalls a moment when her mother was cast in the remake of the Swedish film Intermezzo. Then producer David Selznick said that must change Bergman’s visionbut she categorically refused. “I have a great career in Sweden, I have shot 11 films, I am married and have a daughter. They already know me and I won’t change”the actress said.

“What I would like to say to her is that I understand how hard it was for her to work all the time. And I know she felt guilty about working.”, says Rossellini. He adds that he now realizes why Bergman neglected her family in the name of work. According to the actress, in this way her mother ensured independence and set an example for her children how to be independent and determine their own financial autonomy.

However, Isabella doesn’t just honor her mother with words. Mom’s Farm in New York is 28 acres and was designed to be like an Italian piazza where a theater would be built and there would be community-supported agriculture. Last year it was added boutique inn to the property.

“The rooms are very private. There is one dedicated to my father with his racing helmets. Another dedicated to my former partner David Lynch. A third is dedicated to my children. And of course, there is one dedicated to my mother. It’s full of her hat collection’says Rossellini.

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