The BSP will not allow social spending to be cut

The BSP will not allow social spending to be cut
The BSP will not allow social spending to be cut

“Every one of our measures – the increase in pensions, the increase in income, the reduction of the tax burden on working families, all the compensations – have been made in such a way that they do not weigh on the budget. We bequeathed a surplus of BGN 1.5 billion, last year at this time it was twice as small. We closed 32 billion foreign debt, left it at 30 billion. The financial indicators are stable.” This was stated by the representative of the 47th National Assembly from “BSP for Bulgaria” Yavor Bozhankov in the program “Face to Face” on bTV.

He shared that he was surprised by the statements of acting finance minister Velkova, considering that the entire social program was agreed with her, as a deputy minister in the regular cabinet, and her signature was under the budget. Bozhankov sees this attack in the context of all the cabinet talk against every minister from the previous administration, not just BSP ministers.

“They are attacking the transport minister when he brought BDZ to profit for the first time in decades. They attack the Ministry of Economy, with an objective growth in the state’s exports and production. They are attacking the social ministry when we increased pensions by a higher percentage than during the entire administration of GERB”, pointed out Yavor Bozhankov, noting that Borisov, DPS and Geshev remained in the background in the view of the official cabinet.

He was categorical that the BSP will not allow social spending to be cut, because the crisis is felt most severely by people with fixed incomes, people on salary and pensioners. “That’s why we directed our efforts in this direction, made this commitment in the campaign, worked out such measures and introduced them. And in the next mandate, we take on this commitment – we will continue in the same direction”, said Bozhankov.

Based on the actions of the office, Yavor Bozhankov made three conclusions.

“All the dismissals they are doing and the fact that they are appointing GERB and DPS cadres in their place lead to the first conclusion that the office is an active participant in the election campaign in favor of GERB and DPS.

The second conclusion is that they claim to stay in power for longer. It is clear that even if GERB wins the elections, they will be isolated. That is why the official cabinet declares itself for a longer rule and they make changes not only at the top of the state, but also at operational personnel at the lowest level. These people control the state,” he said.

The third conclusion, according to Bozhankov, is that the official cabinet is what the backstage wants to transfer to a future regular cabinet – cadres of GERB, DPS, ITN and a part of BSP. “This is that part of the BSP that after the elections, whatever the result, will attack the leadership of the BSP and try to replace it with only one goal – to install such a chairman who will bring the BSP into this configuration. And the configuration I can categorically say what it will look like – a cabinet of national salvation, an expert cabinet of national agreement, whatever you want to call it. This is a script from the 90s. By the way, the screenwriters are the same and offer nothing new,” he explained.

“The official cabinet, leaving aside the energy minister, who “Free Europe” proved to have a diploma, refused 6 out of 7 tankers. It has proven to slow down the relationship with Greece. And now he goes to negotiations with Gazprom with his “underpants off”. How do you go to negotiations when the opposite party knows that you are leaning against the wall, you have no option and literally every condition they set is absolute?, commented Bozhankov regarding gas supplies.

He was adamant that the BSP’s position is clear – that all options are on the table – both liquefied gas, a connection with Greece, and a new long-term contract with Gazprom. “This means diversification, in which the best price opportunities for the country are achieved,” the former member of parliament pointed out.

“I have no intention of hiding the truth. I will bear criticism because I am talking about a president who was voted out in his first term by the BSP, a president we supported and protested for, but who has obviously gone over to the other side. The president and the official cabinet are working to return Borisov to power,” said Yavor Bozhankov.

According to him, everything will be decided in the elections, and the popular myth that the elections are decided by some dark forces is not true. He urged the Bulgarian citizens to vote because the power is in their hands.

“The situation is extremely clear. Several elections in a row, the Bulgarians were deceived and voted for screenwriters, and they turned out to be subcontractors of other screenwriters. In fact, the screenwriters in Bulgaria have been the same for 30 years and are very good at one thing – taking the discontent against themselves and using it. That’s what they did with Slavi Trifonov. Who voted for Slavi Trifonov and thought that this would turn out to be a crutch for GERB? Who would have thought that the “patriots” would be a crutch for GERB? This is what is happening at the moment – who would have thought that “Vazrazhdane” would turn out to be the voters with GERB and DPS, but this is exactly how it turned out”, commented Bozhankov.

In conclusion, he summed up: “There is one trait at the moment. On one side are GERB, DPS, ITN, part of the BSP and the official cabinet – and this mafia cooperative is one. We are on the other side. In these elections, the Bulgarian people will say what they choose – one or the other. The choice is clear and simple, but finally we must see and not make the mistakes of previous elections.”

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