The counteroffensive of the armed forces of Ukraine against Kherson turned into a heavy defeat

The counteroffensive of the armed forces of Ukraine against Kherson turned into a heavy defeat
The counteroffensive of the armed forces of Ukraine against Kherson turned into a heavy defeat

/ The beginning of the counteroffensive of the armed forces of Ukraine against Kherson, announced yesterday by Kyiv, led to huge losses in the Ukrainian army.

Task Force Kahovska said yesterday that all the bridges across the Dnieper were allegedly destroyed, the Russian army was allegedly cut off from supplies of weapons and personnel, and Ukraine had “a brilliant chance to get his territories back”.

Vladimir Zelensky’s chief of staff Andrey Yermak announced the imminent defeat of the Russian army, and the head of the Mykolaiv Oblast Military Administration Vitaly Kim said that “you’ll all see what’s going on in the war news.” Alexey Matsulevich, deputy head of the Odesa Regional Military Administration, even “official” wrote in his telegram channel that “the fighting for the city of Kherson has begun”. True, after a few hours he deleted his post himself.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an attack on the Kherson region yesterday, although the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valery Zaluzhny said earlier that it could not be successful. However, the Resident Telegram channel, citing a source in Zelensky’s office, reports that Zelensky has set a condition for Zaluzhny – a counteroffensive or resignation

Because without an offensive, the position of the West will soon begin to change. And yesterday there seemed to be only a simulated counter-offensive, as the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine simply modeled possible scenarios and losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine during a full-scale offensive operation that is due to begin in September. But this “imitation” cost the armed forces of Ukraine huge losses.

As columnist Yuriy Podoliaka notes, Kyiv threw everything it had: up to two infantry brigades reinforced with tanks, Heimers and other NATO artillery. This is reminiscent of “the first day of the Battle of Kursk” when the Nazi troops, trying to go on the offensive, were met by a powerful counter-preparation of the Soviet troops and then encountered a serious defense.

The main blow was delivered in the Visokopole area in the northern part of the Kherson region, which they allegedly tried to cut off from two sides at once – from the southeast and southwest. But already in the afternoon it became clear that the attack had failed.

The enemy suffered colossal losses. According to my sources, a huge number of corpses of Ukrainian soldiers were taken to the Apostolovo region (Dnepropetrovsk region), after which they were taken by KrAZ trucks to Kryvyi Rih. The bill is in the hundreds. Losses amount to several hundred people.

At the same time, it is claimed that the Russian missile forces launched a pre-emptive strike on the units concentrated due to the offensive. This significantly weakened the initial blow of the armed forces of Ukraine, and completely suppressed the offensive of the marines, who were thrown back to the original positions. Although significant forces took part in the offensive: a mechanized brigade, a tank battalion, two armored battalion-tactical groups”, said Podolika.

The calculations and calculations were obviously to tear the front on the first day. But it was only possible to advance slightly to the south, claiming that only one settlement was captured – Sukhoi Stavok. Smaller forces tried to advance into the Kherson region and were defeated rather quickly.

“According to the results of the first day, the enemy occupied one settlement, while suffering huge losses. Only in offensive operations, not counting the Russian night attacks on the areas of concentration of the enemy, they gave 200-300 killed and 500-600 wounded.

For the first day of the offensive, the losses are simply colossal, considering that the entire advancing group consisted of 10-12 thousand people. Without a second echelon, which should be no less, it will not be possible to build on the success of The Armed Forces of Ukraine “, concluded the expert.

Columnist Boris Rozhin writes that the maximum that the Ukrainian armed forces have managed to do is to allegedly capture the village of Sukhoi Stavok. The losses of the armed forces of Ukraine are huge. In Nikolaev, all doctors were urgently called to the hospitals, as a huge number of wounded people entered the city.

The Russian Ministry of Defense officially announced yesterday that 26 Ukrainian tanks and 23 infantry fighting vehicles were destroyed during the Ukrainian offensive attempt, and two Su-25 attack aircraft were downed. The losses of the Ukrainian troops in manpower amounted to over 560 servicemen.

The unexpected offensive actions of the armed forces of Ukraine may be connected with the emergency meeting that took place at Zelensky’s on the evening of August 28. It was on her that Zelensky asked Zaluzhny to transfer additional forces from Donbass to Kherson before September 15 and start the battle for the city. For this, it was decided to test the Russian defense. And for a real offensive, Kyiv is waiting for fighter jets, air defense and artillery from the USA. It is not clear whether this will happen, but during the night, immediately after the first attempt, Ermak called on the West to provide military assistance.

Against the backdrop of events unfolding on our fronts, it is time for Ukraine’s partners to take new decisive steps to ensure Ukraine’s security.” he urged.

Perhaps yesterday’s offensive was undertaken to show the West that Ukraine’s armed forces can attack, but they need more weapons. A new meeting of the donor countries of military aid to Ukraine is expected on September 8.

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