Germany proposed new EU sanctions against Russia

Germany proposed new EU sanctions against Russia
Germany proposed new EU sanctions against Russia

Germany has proposed at the informal meeting in Prague to the ministers of foreign affairs of the EU countries measures to be included in the eighth package of sanctions against Russia because of the war in Ukraine, German Foreign Minister Analena Berbock said today, quoted by DPA.

Berbock, who spoke on the sidelines of the meeting, did not elaborate. In all probability, however, Germany will insist on the introduction of an international price ceiling for Russian oil, DPA notes.

One way to force Russia to sell its oil at lower prices to major importers such as India is by imposing sanctions on insurance companies that offer their services to carriers that transport oil at a price above the fixed maximum level. This will not only reduce oil prices on the world market, but also stop providing additional funds for the Russian military machine from high energy prices.

The German foreign minister stressed the importance of making sure that any sanctions the EU decides to impose can be applied over a long period of time if necessary.

Germany has been reluctant to support a full embargo on Russian energy, arguing that such a policy would hurt the European Union’s economy far more than Russia’s.

The seven packages of sanctions approved so far by the European Union include financial punitive measures, a ban on the import of gold and coal, as well as restrictions on the export of technology and military equipment to Russia, DPA recalls.

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