Taiwan wants to produce “democracy chips” with the US

Taiwan wants to produce “democracy chips” with the US
Taiwan wants to produce “democracy chips” with the US

Taiwan wants to produce “democracy chips” together with the United States, Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen said today in a conversation with Arizona State Governor Doug Ducey, who is visiting Taiwan, reported Reuters.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a major supplier to Apple and the world’s largest chipmaker, is building a $12 billion plant in Arizona.

“Amid the expansion of authoritarianism and the challenges of the post-Covid era, Taiwan aims to strengthen cooperation with the US in the semiconductor industry and other high-tech manufacturing,” Tsai said at the meeting at the presidential office in Taipei.

“This will contribute to building safer and more sustainable supply chains. We plan to produce democracy chips together to preserve the interests of our democratic partners and create greater prosperity,” the Taiwanese leader pointed out.

Ducey, who is a representative of the Republican Party, is the next US representative to visit Taiwan despite the fact that China insists that such visits do not take place, Reuters noted.

He told Tsai that the US partnership with Taiwan is strongest in the semiconductor industry.

China recognizes Taiwan as its province despite strong objections on this matter from the democratically elected government in Taipei.

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