New survey: Boris Johnson worst prime minister since WWII to date

New survey: Boris Johnson worst prime minister since WWII to date
New survey: Boris Johnson worst prime minister since WWII to date

Nearly half of Britons think that Boris Johnson has done poorly as prime minister, according to a new poll, the Press Association and DPA reported, quoted by BTA.

It is the worst result by a British leader since the Second World War.

Data from the survey by the polling agency “Ipsos” show that about 49 percent of Britons think that Johnson was a bad prime minister.

For comparison, the same indicator for his predecessor Theresa May, for example, was 41 percent, and for David Cameron – 38 percent.

However, Johnson ranked fourth in the “who did best as prime minister” measure, with 33 percent of the 1,100 people polled by Ipsos saying he did well. Johnson is behind Winston Churchill (62 per cent), Margaret Thatcher (43 per cent) and Tony Blair (36 per cent) in this regard.

At the same time, the two candidates for the post of prime minister in Great Britain, Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, took part yesterday in the 12th debate between themselves, reported France Press.

According to polls, Truss, who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, is the favorite to succeed Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

Members of the ruling Conservative Party have been voting by post and online since early August to determine who will be Britain’s next prime minister. Voting closes tomorrow, with the winner of the race to be announced on Monday and the new prime minister taking office the following day.

Liz Truss said that if elected, she would focus “on energy prices for consumers and on how to get the British economy fully functioning again”.

She has pledged to cut taxes to boost growth, but has yet to set out how she will help Britons cope with rising energy prices this winter, especially given the fact that millions of people are at risk of not having can pay their heating bills.

Former finance minister Rishi Sunak said that if elected, he would focus on controlling inflation.

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