Bykov with hope for more sense in the next parliament

Bykov with hope for more sense in the next parliament
Bykov with hope for more sense in the next parliament

“I hope that there will be a little more sense in the next National Assembly. I don’t see many symptoms from certain people.’

This was shared on bTV by former deputy from GERB Toma Bykov.

He developed the topic of reason, giving an example of a statement by former Prime Minister Kiril Petkov: “Yesterday, I watched Mr. Petkov, he called journalists in front of them. And imagine – Boyko Borissov accused that he called Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State, and told him – to talk about shale gas! This is untenable behavior! And that worries me terribly if Continuing the Change has any significant presence in the next parliament.”

When asked about Boyko Borisov’s statements that there is a possibility of shale gas extraction, Bykov replied: “Regarding the gas crisis, of course, any conversation about gas can be held and no conversation should be prohibited. But to go out in front of your house and call the media, telling them that Borisov called Pompeo here to campaign for shale gas, seems a little inappropriate to me.”

Keep in mind that shale gas production does not happen in two days. Perhaps only Mr. Kiril Petkov thinks that the shale gas, if you poke somewhere in Dobrudja, it will also come out. If at all such a decision on extraction is made, it will take at least ten years, explained the former deputy from GERB.

Toma Bikov called on Kiril Petkov to explain what he will actually do, and not to talk about shale gas, because he will obviously not save the country from the gas crisis this winter. He also commented that, in his opinion, Petkov’s behavior was not normal for a person who ruled the country.

Bikov announced that GERB does not have an official decision on the extraction of shale gas, and they also do not have it in their pre-election program. “You will see our program – it will be anti-crisis” – specified Bykov and added that it will most likely be presented this Thursday, September 1. Their longer-term program will be presented next week or the week after, as Bykov expects the other serious political forces to do the same, and not to go back and forth with a bus and wonder which way to take, because they are at a dead end.

Regarding the reduction of GERB’s priorities for the future management and more specifically for the judicial reform, Bykov commented that they have a proposal for it, but they think it should be proposed within the framework of a discussion with the other political forces, as well as with the academic community, and with non-governmental organizations.

Bykov attacked the other parties, saying that they have been saying for years that their priority is judicial reform and control over the chief prosecutor, but they are not making proposals that can be implemented.

He pointed out: “We, in our second administration, even made constitutional changes. By the way, our MPs then wrote the texts, and Hristo Ivanov presented them as the Minister of Justice. And now we say – give your suggestions, here are ours. We are proposing a way for the Attorney General, whoever he may be, to be controlled without it being unconstitutional, but legal. Maybe our proposal is not the best because of this – let the colleagues for whom this is a priority and have been talking about it for years come out and say what they think,” Bikov urged.

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