The President, GERB and DPS conduct an organized attack against BSP and PP

The President, GERB and DPS conduct an organized attack against BSP and PP
The President, GERB and DPS conduct an organized attack against BSP and PP

Minister Velkova voted in favor of GERB and DPS

“The coalition government left a BGN 1.5 billion budget surplus. What are the caretaker government’s facts to claim we have serious problems? In addition, Ms. Velkova, who for many years worked in the Ministry of Finance, was at the heart of the accounts of Budget 2022. It sounds strange that a professional who signed up to this budget should suddenly decide that there are problems.” This was said by the member of the National Council, Prof. Rumen Gechev, in the program “The Day Live” on Nova News.

According to him, Acting Minister Velkova is carrying out a political order, as on the eve of the elections she withdrew from her professional positions and took positions in favor of GERB and DPS.

“It is obvious that the presidential institution, GERB and DPS are conducting a coordinated attack against “We continue the change” and the BSP”, said Prof. Gechev.

He gave an example of President Radev’s assessment, which coincides with that of GERB and DPS, that there is chaos in Bulgaria’s economy. “The opinion of the European Commission, the facts and the data show the opposite. With anticipatory socio-economic measures aimed at Bulgarian families and Bulgarian businesses, we did not allow Bulgaria to fall into recession. Moreover, we achieved record economic growth in the first 6 months of nearly 5%, while most European countries are moving towards recession and crawling along the bottom with around 1% growth”, the socialist pointed out.

Prof. Rumen Gechev recalled the BSP’s position regarding energy: “Do not interrupt the negotiations with Gazprom, as 24 out of 27 EU member countries did, continue the negotiations and make an attempt to sign a new long-term contract . At the same time, BSP is about diversifying supply as much as possible.”

“The next administration must have the personnel, the qualifications, the desire and the experience to meet the hard winter. Despite the efforts to prevent the BSP, since obviously the BSP is an extreme irritant in these elections, we are determined to mobilize and present ourselves with dignity”, concluded Prof. Gechev.

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