Current fuel prices will be maintained in September

There was a slight shock jump in the price of diesel fuel of about 30 cents, but this did not affect the column. At the moment the price has gone smoothly down, I guess next month the prices we are seeing now will be maintained in September. Dimitar Hadjidimitrov from the Association of Bulgarian traders, producers, importers and transporters of fuels predicted this on the air of BNT.

He cites data according to which, since the beginning of the year, compared to the previous year, only propane butane consumption has remained the same. “Light” fuels are down by 30%, and methane – by over 60%.

The authorities are negotiating with “Lukoil Bulgaria” to reduce fuel prices

The state is preparing measures to reduce fuel prices

It is observed that many of the large productions switch to propane butane as an alternative, not only for cars, Hadjidimitrov also said.

The real price of methane is BGN 60-70-100, everything else is profit-making by the Russian Federation, said Hadjiivanov.

This is when fuel will become cheaper in our country

Since the middle of July, the prices on the international markets have stabilized, and very soon a significant decrease in prices will appear on our market

According to him, if the trends are maintained, the price of diesel fuel can be expected to remain the same, and the price of gasoline to decrease by 10 percent in the next 15-20 days.

Methane will become even more impossible, as a 6% price increase is expected, the expert added.

The discount of 25 cents per liter of fuel also applies to cars leased to individuals

The discount of 25 cents per liter of fuel will also apply to leased cars, but under one condition

In the first week of July, fuel prices stopped rising.

What are fuel prices today?

From the Fuelo information portal, we understand that the price per liter of ordinary gasoline and diesel is BGN 3.17 and BGN 3.37 respectively, premium fuels are sold at prices from: A98 – BGN 3.42, A98+ for BGN 3.54 BGN, and Diesel + for BGN 3.70. The price of propane butane is BGN 1.22, and methane – BGN 5.42.

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