At least half of the crises in the country are “homemade” (Video)

At least half of the crises in the country are “homemade” (Video)
At least half of the crises in the country are “homemade” (Video)

In a week we will present a comprehensive program for the management of the country. The crises in Bulgaria are not imported. If they were, we could hope someone outside would fix them. At least half of the crises in the country are “homemade”. There are a number of measures that can be taken to control them. This was said by the deputy head of GERB, Tomislav Donchev, at a press conference at the party’s headquarters.

An answer is needed who will be the healer. Bulgaria must be governed by a clear program, clear support and by parties that have no ideological differences. The crises, although some of them have a sectoral character, cannot be overcome sectorally. The IMF does not have sufficient tools to fight inflation, for example. The fastest way it can be reduced is through the prices of energy carriers, said Donchev.

For Bulgaria, it is of key importance to increase the reserved capacity to two million. This is a guarantee of real diversification. We own 20% of the ownership of the company. The capacity of this terminal is 6 billion per year, and we have reserved half of it. We need to increase them to two, and this is perfectly appropriate and even mandatory for anyone who cares about the country’s energy diversification. The main suppliers of this terminal are expected to be the USA, Qatar, Algeria, so we will have options.

As a second measure, Bulgargaz should announce a public transparent international tender for the supply of liquefied gas. This will ensure the security of supplies for Bulgarian consumers. We will have long-term contracts and we will not buy gas day by day as we do now. Diversification of fresh nuclear fuel supplies is also needed.

The high prices of natural gas caused a part of the enterprises to reduce their production. We believe that an extremely important measure is to restructure the security fund. We see an opportunity for it to cover the entire security of the energy system. In this way, we will be able to compensate non-domestic natural gas users as well. This is how we will maintain competitiveness and calm the galloping inflation.

As a result of our proposal, Bulgarian businesses and non-domestic consumers were given the opportunity to pay the electricity price ceiling – BGN 250 per megawatt hour. It is extremely important for our country to improve the assistance mechanism. That is why the relevant criteria for how this will happen must be clear. There should be criteria, based on these criteria, the most suitable companies should be supported. The recipe for getting out of the crisis is to have a stable and competent government of the country, explained the former energy minister Temenuzka Petkova.

Prices are rising unstoppably, and this is not only due to the international situation, but also to management decisions. In terms of non-domestic users, we have explained what our propositions are, and they also apply to schools and hospitals. The restructuring of the “Sigurnost” fund is a decision that we are already putting on the table. We predicted that there would be more and more people in need of help with heating. At least 400,000 people will need such help in our opinion. More and more people are looking for firewood this year instead of moving forward – people are going backwards. We think it is extremely important that only state enterprises can harvest wood. Almost BGN 200 is already the price of a cubic meter of wood, and last year it was BGN 90. We need specialized operators who can provide good prices, explained former social minister Denitsa Sacheva.

With regard to illegal migrants, Sacheva explained that it is important to cooperate on prevention with Greece and Turkey, as well as to take punitive measures against migrants. She also insisted on the development of a national program for the right to housing, work, education and social assistance for refugees, as the waves of migration do not appear to stop.

In Bulgaria, inflation is double – while the average inflation in Europe is 8-9%, in Bulgaria since July it is 15%. A big part of solving the inflation crisis is the implementation of energy measures, said Alexander Ivanov from GERB.

Loans, spending transformation and tax conservation are the three measures that can be implemented, according to him. The NRA must be managed with foresight and expertise, and the Customs agency must reduce smuggling and collect the funds circulating in the underground economy to enter the state.

The sustainability of the country’s public finances must be restored. The measures that can be concretely and quickly taken are made in such a way that in the next few years they cannot be recovered quickly, but a consistent policy is needed. Populism is expensive. Preserving the tax model is a guarantee for citizens to increase the wages of their workers – something extremely important to calm business. Because every increase in taxes also leads to record low levels of interest in foreign investments in Bulgaria, Ivanov also said.

Budget consolidation must be smooth and painless for the people, and this will take more than one mandate. For the second year now, Bulgaria has not received fresh European funding. This means that modernization is delayed and leads to macroeconomic effects. This was explained by the deputy head of the GERB party, Tomislav Donchev.

Approval of operational programs and opening of grant schemes even for programs that have not yet been approved to mobilize money and have a positive macroeconomic effect.

Efforts to search for gas and oil in the Black Sea have not ceased. There are hydrocarbons in the Bulgarian area of ​​the Black Sea, the question is to find a large enough area to allow extraction. Our neighbors Romania and Turkey are already doing it. And there is no shale gas in Dobruja.

The shale gas discussion is currently irrelevant. The issue at the moment is the extraction of conventional gas in Bulgaria, so that we can have maximum independence in the extraction of gas, commented Donchev. “There is no greater diversification than relying on local resources,” added Petkova.

We are asked the question of possible coalitions several times a week. Let the people decide which political force, how much support they will give and which political force has how many people’s representatives. We will not conduct coalition negotiations against it, commented Donchev.

It is necessary to talk to everyone, as Bulgaria is flooded with crises.

“Dozens of people worked on anti-crisis measures. This excites people. Our main dispute is with the mediators’ party, because it brought back the mediators in gas, oil, electricity. Everything is happening in favor of the Russian Federation. When the facts speak, the people suffer. During During our administration, we were hit by three world crises – the Greek, the migrant and the Covid crisis. And we managed it the best,” said the leader of the GERB party Boyko Borisov.

“Bulgaria is currently bleeding from the unreasonable management of finances,” explained Borisov. The next government had to be “anti-crisis”, able to see us through the winter.

They haven’t built a bike lane – not a highway or a tunnel. Not only will we return the European money for Struma, but we will also supplement it with money from the budget, Borisov commented on the last government.

Judicial reform, business measures, sports, agriculture, recovery plan and party priorities are included in the program prepared by GERB.

“I will solve the gas issue in hours. As I have always solved it. Geostrategically in the Balkans, everything was decided in Sofia. The White House, Paris, the Kremlin were open to us,” said Borisov and warned: “The prime minister’s craft is complicated, it is not for everyone “.

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