Prime Ministership is a complex craft, not for everyone

Prime Ministership is a complex craft, not for everyone
Prime Ministership is a complex craft, not for everyone

“Premiership is a complex craft, it’s not for everyone.”

This instruction came from GERB leader Boyko Borisov at a press conference where the opposition party had to present the anti-crisis measures in its pre-election program. Borissov appeared towards the end to explain how well the country had done during his administration and to criticize GERB’s main opponent – “We continue the change”.

“Our main dispute is with the party of intermediaries – the intermediaries in gas, electricity, oil… Everything happens in favor of the Russian Federation with the support of the party of intermediaries”. he also announced.

“In all the crises during the time of GERB, Bulgaria managed as an example, the best in Europe.”

“Everything we have done with the most developed gas infrastructure in the Balkans, What should we be ashamed of? What has anyone done better than us in any field?”, continued Borisov.

He did not miss the topic of the elections with hints of insufficient transparency of the previous ones, which led to the PP’s first place.

“If Radev and his caretaker governments hold fair elections, we will not end up in a situation where sociologists tear up their diplomas… It’s about the flash drives and the software and the machines that Boyko Rashkov is guarding,” he said about the result of the November vote. .

The GERB leader and former prime minister also vowed:

“Gaza, I told you I would solve it in hours, as I have solved it…”

On the question of which political force would govern GERB, Borisov only said:

“It’s about an anti-crisis government to get us through the winter. Why do you care who governs with whom.”

Regarding the intentions of GERB in the field of energy, Temenuzka Petkova announced that the leading priority was the diversification of natural gas supplies. The party wants the capacity reserved by Bulgargaz at the terminal in Alexandroupolis (which should be ready next year) of 500 million cubic meters of gas per year to be increased fourfold – to 2 billion. Thus together, 100 percent diversification from “Gazrom”, “we will fully use the capacity of the interconnector, Bulgaria will receive a dividend from its participation in Alexandroupolis through Bulgargaz”, Petkova said. The second measure that should have been taken was that Bulgargaz should announce a public international tender for long-term gas supplies”.

They will also ask GERB to diversify the supply of fresh nuclear fuel. As well as a compensation mechanism for non-domestic users of natural gas.

Alexander Ivanov announced that the party is against raising taxes.

The increase in revenue would come from higher collection by returning the professional leadership of the National Revenue Agency, which should not “be managed with muscle, but with foresight and expertise”, and of the “Customs” agency.

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