Putin personally laid roses in front of Gorbachev’s coffin (video)

Putin personally laid roses in front of Gorbachev’s coffin (video)
Putin personally laid roses in front of Gorbachev’s coffin (video)

Russian President Vladimir Putin will not attend Mikhail Gorbachev’s farewell ceremony on September 3. Instead, he personally laid flowers in front of Gorbachev’s coffin at the Central Clinical Hospital in Moscow.

Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that “the Russian president’s schedule will not allow him to participate” in the funeral of the first and last president of the USSR, who died on Tuesday. “That’s why he decided to do this today before flying to Kaliningrad,” Peskov explained Putin’s decision.

Peskov also said that the state would help organize Gorbachev’s funeral, which would take place in the Kremlin. The ceremony will have elements of a state funeral and Mikhail Sergeevich will be provided with an “honour guard”.

In addition, Peskov stated that Russia fears provocations by Ukraine against the IAEA mission. Moscow expects the mission and is interested in its arrival at the NPP and is ready to interact with it. The situation with the sanctions, which prevent Gazprom from fully supplying gas to Europe, is a crisis. There aren’t many companies in the world other than Siemens that can service Nord Stream’s high-tech equipment. The complexity of Nord Stream’s equipment and legal complications due to sanctions create a tangle of problems for Russian gas supplies to Europe. Gazprom is willing and ready to fulfill its obligations to supply gas to Europe, and Gazprom’s European counterparties do not show common sense on the issue of Russian gas supplies.

The EU’s decision to freeze the visa agreement with Russia is ridiculous, bad for Russians, but it will worsen the situation for Europeans as well, Peskov said, quoted by TASS.

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