Ivan Stankov and Kostadin Kostadinov present their new books at “Apolonia”

Ivan Stankov and Kostadin Kostadinov present their new books at “Apolonia”
Ivan Stankov and Kostadin Kostadinov present their new books at “Apolonia”

The premieres are on September 2 in the Art Gallery in Sozopol

“Butterfly Hunter” by Kostadin Kostadinov and “Late Death” by Ivan Stankov will have their premieres at “Apolonia”, with which publishing house “Hermes” is included in the program of the festival this year. They will be presented by Stoyo Vartolomeev, manager of “Hermes” and editor of the novels, at the Art Gallery in Sozopol on September 2 at 6:00 and 7:00 p.m.

The novel “The Butterfly Hunter” resurrects the myth of the Danube Atlantis and its inhabitants, telling about the now extinct Danube island of Ada Kale. The plot is based on the popular belief that when a person dies, a butterfly comes the next day, lands on the grave and carries away the dead person’s soul. Each of the butterflies in the novel is a mirror image of the deceased. A veritable kaleidoscope of human souls from all over Earth’s geography. The most valuable, the 88th butterfly, comes for the main character, the eccentric artist and murderer Lazar Karaivanov (Kosturo).

The author Kostadin Kostadinov is the founder and co-owner of the “Pan” publishing house. His debut in literature was with the book “Reserve for Pink Pelicans”. His second collection of short stories and novels – “The Bay of Iphigenia” – was published a quarter of a century later. The feature films “Reserve for Pink Pelicans” (2003) and “Legend of the White Boar” (2004) were filmed based on his scripts.

Prof. Ivan Stankov’s book “Late Death” tells the story of two men and a woman. According to the writer himself, they are unconnected lonely peaks of a love triangle, peers of the new Bulgarian state. “They make their way through wars, riots, coups. But History is only decoration. Like most books in the world, this one is about love and death. Heroes must withstand both. In both life and book, early death is repulsive. The late one is attractive. But has anyone ever left on time?” Stankov wrote about his novel.

He is a professor of Bulgarian literature at Veliko Tarnovo University. He is the author of the books “Memories of water. Dm” (2014), “Streets and ships. Gm” (2017), “Names under the snow. A7” (2019) and “Evening Wedding” (2020). He is the winner of the Elias Canetti National Literary Award, the “Kultura” Portal, “Stoyan Mihailovski” and “Helikon” literary awards.

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