Taiwan has shot down a drone off the coast of China for the first time

Taiwan’s military is the first to shoot down an unidentified civilian drone that entered the country’s airspace, Reuters reports.

The drone was shot down off a small island off the Chinese coast.

This comes a day after the Taiwanese government vowed to take tough measures to deal with such cases of trespassing into the country’s territory.

Lately, the Taiwanese authorities have been furious that Chinese drones frequently fly over islands controlled by Taiwan and located near the coast of China.

The Jingmen Islands Command said the drone entered the airspace over Lion Island shortly after noon local time. Jingmen is a group of islands under Taiwanese control located opposite the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Quanzhou.

Taiwan threatened to counterattack China

If Chinese planes or ships enter the territory of the island

Although troops on the island warned the drone to leave the area, it did not, which is why the aircraft was shot down and fell into the sea.

Taiwan fired warning shots at a drone for the first time on Tuesday after President Tsai Ing-wen ordered the military to take tough countermeasures against “Chinese provocations”.

Earlier today Tsai stated that Beijing uses drones and other “gray zone” tactics to try to intimidate Taipei. She stressed that Taiwan will not stir up controversy, but that does not mean it will not take countermeasures.

Taiwan has controlled Jingmen, just a few hundred meters from mainland China, since 1949, when the defeated ROC government fled to Taipei after losing the civil war to the Communists led by Mao Zedong.

During the Cold War, China regularly shelled Jingmen and other Taiwanese-controlled islands off the Chinese coast that are now tourist destinations.

Taiwan has accused China of simulating attacks on US ships

Beijing tried to prevent foreign powers from helping Taiwan in a war

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