The Autumn Art Salon and the National Autumn Exhibitions begin today in Plovdiv

The Autumn Art Salon and the National Autumn Exhibitions begin today in Plovdiv
The Autumn Art Salon and the National Autumn Exhibitions begin today in Plovdiv

The Municipality of Plovdiv, the Municipal Institute “Ancient Plovdiv” and the Foundation “Culture and Modernity” invite residents of Plovdiv and guests of the city to this year’s edition of one of the most prestigious forums for contemporary Bulgarian fine art in Bulgaria, which takes place in Plovdiv – the National Autumn Exhibitions. It is part of the program of the Plovdiv 2022 Autumn Salon of the Arts, which starts today and brings together numerous cultural events of all genres, turning the city into a lively scene from September to November. This was announced by the cultural department of the Municipality of Plovdiv.

“Shared space” is the theme chosen by the curator Prof. Dr. Galina Lardeva, which unites the creative pursuits of nine authors, participants in the National Autumn Exhibitions in Plovdiv this year. They are arranged and can be seen in Balabanova House, House Hindliyan and the House of Mexican Art in Old Plovdiv. These are Atanas Tashev, Angela Terzieva and Angelarii Dimitrov, who present painting. Darina Tsureva, Petar Chinovski and Nikolina Dzhanovska present graphics. Photography shows Karina Popova, and sculpture – Valentin Mitev.

The official opening of the Fall Salon of the Arts unites five different locations in the active center, each of which will host several performances of different genres and styles. And to make the evening dedicated to the arts long and welcoming, the events will be repeated at certain intervals. Thus, audiences and performers will be able to move freely and choose moments and creative messages – a kind of kaleidoscope of emotions.

It starts at 19:00 on the stage of the Roman Stadium, where after the greetings of the organizers, not a gladiatorial, but an impressive musical “battle” begins, in which tenors and baritones, graduates of AMTII – Plovdiv, but uniting continents, will present the power of the ages and the voices The magic of music, between opera performances, will be complemented by virtuoso trumpet pieces.


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