Who is Noisey’s secret bajanak? – Lifestyle – Bulgaria

Who is Noisey’s secret bajanak? – Lifestyle – Bulgaria
Who is Noisey’s secret bajanak? – Lifestyle – Bulgaria

The blonde fury Maria Ignatova will be on the screen again from September. With Nencho Balabanov, they will be the presenters of his newest musical format on the air of “Zvezdite v Nas”, which will start on Nova TV, writes Gallery.

Thus, Maria, who after her breakup with Dimitar Rachkov had not appeared on TV, will now once again radiate charm and sexiness from the screen. In the last 2 years, she devoted herself to love, married and spent time in fidelity to the cultural anthropologist and publicist Ivaylo Noyzi – Tsvetkov, becoming one of the most discussed secular couples.

Today she is happy again after a lot of love dramas. However, her disappointments with men started when she was younger. When she is a schoolgirl, her father leaves the family nest for another woman and this causes a severe trauma to the girl. Maria will never forget the saddest summer of her life. She, her brother Pavel and her father are at sea – they have returned from Libya, where their mother works as a chemical engineer. In the evening, at the bungalow where they are resting, the parent gathers courage and tells them in plain text that he will no longer be with them. Determined to get away from her difficult life in Bulgaria, she left for America at the age of 16.

Then he moved to the Netherlands to return to our country with the idea of ​​building a TV career. Her first attempts are quite weak, no one notices the sexy blonde. But fate is on her side and she meets the businessman Alexander Staliyski – the card partner of the former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and his confidant, and then her star hour comes.

He is rich, with many connections, and after their affair begins, she receives an unexpected gift – television time on BNT as the presenter of “Second Chance”. After the model Vili Sechkova manages to take away her boyfriend and marry him, Maria does not suffer much. It’s the turn of another famous macho – the owner of chalgoteki Petko Dimitrov, with whom they have a stormy love and a child in common.

Their son Victor is already 15 years old. However, the tale ends there.

Petko is adamant that Maria’s place is at home, but her plans for a career in television are only at the beginning.

With a child in her arms and a solid allowance, the charmer goes to look for a job in a sports site, where she quite naturally falls in love with its owner and at first sight – Stilyan Shishkov.

Unexpectedly, an offer came to try out for the host of “Masters of the Air”, where she met Dimitar Rachkov. Of course, she feels that this is her man and is even convinced that she wants to spend her life with him. There followed 10 years in which the couple was at the peak of popularity, but separated.

However, the love of her life is the journalist Ivaylo-Noyzi Tsvetkov. At least that’s what Maria says, shortly before the two got married last summer.

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