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KEVR decides on the price of gas in September – Economy – Bulgaria – NOVA news

KEVR decides on the price of gas in September – Economy – Bulgaria – NOVA news
KEVR decides on the price of gas in September – Economy – Bulgaria – NOVA news

A new drastic increase in the price of natural gas. In a closed meeting, the Commission for Energy and Water Regulation decides by how much the blue fuel will increase. The price is effective immediately on September 1st.

The initial bills were for 6% more expensive fuel, but “Bulgargaz” announced that they would ask for about 17 percent. Thus, after the absolute record of BGN 298 for the month of August, a new peak value of BGN 350 per megawatt hour will most likely come into force today.

How to reduce heating bills

The expected new record price of natural gas seriously worries the unions. They fear that from January 1 there may be a new increase in the price of heating. That is why they insist that from now on we should think about compensating household consumers.

“There can be no increase in the price of heating. How much – I don’t know. But from January 1 there will be a new increase in the price of heating, so additional funds must be provided now for the autumn and winter months. Budget 2023, as it is being done, more compensations for these households will also be laid from January, they are about 20% of Bulgarians who actually heat with heating”, explained Plamen Dimitrov, president of KNSB.

Business is also worried.

“It will have a particularly heavy impact, especially for the sectors that are large consumers of gas,” said Tsvetan Simeonov, chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Experts also expect that there will be a new price for heat, but not as high as for gas.

“There is no way to increase the heating at the same rate, as this will actually lead to very serious social tension, but anyway we know that we will pay for this through the other expenses that the state makes”, said Dragomir Tsanev, Center for energy efficiency.

The recommendation for the upcoming heating season is to rely on electricity for heat.

“At the moment it’s best on electricity, but again we say we’re privileged in the consumer market.” We do not work with the real price of electricity, it is protected and at least until 2025-26, the electricity will be the most profitable, especially when we use it wisely with modern air conditioners”, stated Dragomir Tsanev.

And while unions want compensation for consumers, businesses continue to push for help. Or a marginal price of BGN 250 per megawatt hour for gas.

“Obviously, we have to follow the European Union in some kind of compensation for the high gas prices, as it is currently being done for the high electricity prices, we have to think in a longer-term plan”, stated Tsvetan Simeonov.

At the moment, the business receives help for the cost of electricity.

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