I go to “Lauta” and bring victory to my team against Botev

Photo: Official website of Lokomotiv (Plovdiv)

Hristo Krusharskiwho until spring was the benefactor of Locomotive Plovdiv, continues to support the “smurfs” with whom he wrote golden pages in club history. The businessman almost never misses a match of the “black and whites” when he is in Bulgaria, visiting even some of the team’s away games. In the spring, he transferred the management of the club to Adam Sotkov, and here is whether he will be present at the approaching Plovdiv derby:

“Will I be at “Lauta” on Saturday?! Of course! I’m going with a group and bring victory to my team against Botev. This is my task, and you know that I’m a purposeful person and what I say happens. Maybe not everything that they make me like it, but whoever pays, he orders the music. I’m a fan, I help as much as I can,” Krusharski announced to “Mach Telegraf”.

“By the way, I will take both players and fans to see another show in Govedartsi. You know that whatever I do, I do it like people. Now I am helping to organize a nice off-road meeting there after a long break. The tracks are ready, the prize fund too is insured. You have known for a long time who is the biggest sponsor in the village. It is important that the young people have fun and that the riders drive extreme, not on the highways, but in such places,” added Krusharski.

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