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Trump and his supporters threaten democracy

Trump and his supporters threaten democracy
Trump and his supporters threaten democracy

US President Joe Biden said that “equality and democracy are under attack in the United States” and warned his countrymen that his predecessor Donald Trump and his supporters are an extremist threat to the nation and its future, the Associated Press reported.

This is an attempt by Biden to cast the November election in a new light as part of a battle for the soul of the nation, which, in his words, is “the work of my presidency,” AP notes.

Biden used a prime-time speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia to argue that Trump and his allies, united by the slogan “Make America Great Again,” are a challenge to the system of government, to the country’s reputation abroad and the way of life of its citizens.

“Donald Trump and the MAGA (Make America Great Again) Republicans who support him represent extremism that threatens the very foundations of our republic,” Biden said. He said they were “determined to take this country backwards”, “encouraging totalitarian leaders and fanning the flames of political violence”.

Biden’s apparent effort to marginalize Trump and his supporters marks a sharp turnaround for the president, who in his inaugural address preached his desire for national unity. White House officials said the speech reflected Biden’s growing concern with the ideological propositions of Trump’s allies and his adamant denial of the 2020 election results.


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