An unconvincing Grigor did not take a single set against Nakashima and exited the US Open with little success

An unconvincing Grigor did not take a single set against Nakashima and exited the US Open with little success
An unconvincing Grigor did not take a single set against Nakashima and exited the US Open with little success

Grigor Dimitrov gave hope to fans in our country that he is ready for a strong performance at the US Open, playing a flawless opening match against Steve Johnson. Things were far from that today, and Brendan Nakashima defended his reputation as one of the most talented young players in the world’s elite, beating the former number three in straight sets – 7:6(4) 7:5 6:3. In this way, the American put an end to this year’s participation of Grisho in the Grand Slam competitions and found a place in the third round of the competition, where a meeting with Yannick Siner awaits him.

In the opening minutes, we could see Grigor playing even better tennis compared to his performance in the first round, and the backhand winners were multiplying rapidly in his asset. Nakashima tried to vary the flow of the plays and several times tried to go to the net, only to be missed there by our first racket. All this helped the Bulgarian reach his first break point, but he sent a slice into the center of the net and the youngster saved his serve. Equal minutes followed, but the initiative was definitely on the side of the world number 19, who led with a 4:3 game and again got opportunities to make a break. However, the choppy backhand again betrayed the Haskovli and in the end it came to a tiebreak, where our compatriot made as many as 3 double faults and naturally lost the opening part of the clash.

Gradually, the local representative began to win a large share of the long exchanges, while our boy’s plays became more and more uncertain and his errors steadily increased. Still, momentary flashes allowed the 17th seed to earn a fifth break opportunity, which he once again squandered with a too passive approach. From there, the 21-year-old tennis player was absolutely flawless from the service line, and the movement of the Bulgarian on the court visibly worsened, and he surrendered his serve at the last possible moment, thereby giving up in the second set as well.

As we know, our best tennis player has never made a turn from 0:2 sets in his career, and today such a scenario seemed completely out of the question, because apparently Grigor exhausted his physical reserves of strength and only his good serving kept him in the result. Nakashima, on the other hand, was overflowing with self-confidence and felt that he would soon get a chance to put an end to the dispute. That’s exactly what happened, as the former semi-finalist was a pale shadow of his former self and left the court as a loser.

The next tournament participation of our compatriot is scheduled for the dates between September 19 and 25, when the ATP 250 competition will be held in Metz, and immediately after that he will play at his home Sofia Open.

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