Osman Oktai: The death of Kamen Kostadinov is mysterious to me – Opinions – Bulgaria

Osman Oktai: The death of Kamen Kostadinov is mysterious to me – Opinions – Bulgaria
Osman Oktai: The death of Kamen Kostadinov is mysterious to me – Opinions – Bulgaria

Osman Oktai is a politician and political analyst, born on August 29, 1952 in the village of Chernolik, Silistrensko. In 1972 he graduated as a paramedic at the Secondary Medical Institute in Haskovo, and in 2005 – “Public Administration” at the University of Varna. Until 1990, he worked as the head of the health department in the Silistren village of Babuk. One of the founders of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS). For many years he was the deputy chairman of the DPS and was considered Ahmed Dogan’s right-hand man. Deputy in 4 parliaments. In 2001, he was removed from the management of the DPS due to disagreements with its head. This is what he said in an interview with Fakti.bg.

– On August 1, DPS leader Mustafa Karadayi met with Erdogan before his visit to Vladimir Putin. What does this meeting show us…
– In the public space, no one reacted to this meeting. Why did Erdogan once again call Karadai on the carpet? What ideas and goals does Erdogan have for his participation in the elections in our country. I want to point out two facts very clearly. It is one thing to organize elections with expatriate NGOs and to allow people with dual citizenship, whether in Turkey or elsewhere, to vote. It is another for official state institutions in Turkey to work in favor of one political party in elections in another country.

– What do you mean…
– Rumen Radev’s reaction to the elections in November, that there was Erdogan’s interference in the vote in favor of the DPS, was visible. Now in connection with these meetings and flirtations that I said, suddenly Radev did not notice this visit of Karadai to Turkey. We are talking about a clear preparation of the state of Turkey to register voters with the help of all state power in favor of one political party. If the DPS had not taken about 90,000 votes from this pressure of the Turkish state in the elections in November, if through the mediation of Kamen Kostadinov and the funds provided by Peevski, they had not taken another 60,000 Roma votes – Vratsa, Montana and other regions, us, their result would have been different. At the moment, this visit to Ankara and what I am getting as information from Turkey leads me to think that state aid is being sought again at the behest of Erdogan. In Turkey, there is pressure on expats to be active in these elections.

– You mentioned Kamen Kostadinov, whom, unfortunately, we are already talking about in the past tense. You know him well. How did he get into DPS?
– I have known Kostadinov, may God forgive him, since 1996. He was then 26 years old. Kasim Dal, who was then the chairman of the pre-election headquarters, had put him in second place on the Shumen list and he became a deputy. In 2001, Kamen participated in the project with Hristo Biserov, Yordan Tsonev and Svetlana Dyankova in the creation of a new political formation EKIP. Ecological party. Dogan had then sent them to me to enter them in the DPS lists, but I refused them. All four later became advisers in various working committees in Parliament. After my final break with Dogan became a fact, they rose. Biserov and Tsonev became deputy chairmen of the DPS. Kamen became a member of the operational bureau. After the implementation of the “Peevski” project, Kamen became the person for communication in all corridors of influence. That’s why his death is very mysterious to me. I went back years, when the person for such communication of Ahmed Dogan – Ahmed Emin, paid with his life. No matter that they made him commit suicide – unnoticed and unheard, in the corridors of the barns. Now, for a healthy and upright man like Kamen to fall down and die suddenly is mysterious, after he played such an important role as a mediator and communicator on behalf of Peevski.

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