Valery Yordanov’s “Rodents” spoke at “Apolonia”

“The Bulgarian should stop feeling sorry for himself, just reawaken his memory and wear with pride what he saw when he was a child and a teenager”, Valeri Yordanov claims. His debut book “Rodents” was presented to readers for the first time within the framework of the 38th Apollonia Arts Festival. Its basis rests precisely on our ability to keep the memory of those before us and of their path in life, their “being”.

Valerie is deeply connected to the bones of his ancestors, and this is one of his reasons for writing the collection of stories from grandfathers and grandchildren.

“Roots are very important for us to be ourselves, to remember them and to nurture them in our children,” he says. “Rodents” is not at all an ambitious attempt to give philosophies and guidelines, my idea was that my children, by reading it, would know who their great-grandfather was from a simple incident. Or their grandfather’s uncle, or someone else in the family. And the stories cover a lot of lives, which makes me happy, and that’s why I think people will be curious about them.”

According to the actor, the collection of “unfilmed stories” will first of all awaken the imagination of the readers.

“These are pictures of my life, but when a book is good, a story is good – if it’s good, the reader, while reading it, takes a picture of it himself. With his vision, with his colors, feeling, smell, taste and everything else . And if this thing affects them in this way, then it was really worth writing this story. If it doesn’t work – then I have to learn to write more.”

“Rodents” is a book written in a time of pandemic, which reminds us that we must not forget to observe what is happening around us and in no case should we stare at ourselves.

For Valery Yordanov, vanity is one of the worst diseases of society, and the biggest mistake of man is that he underestimates the lives of strangers.

“When you have strangers, I begin to doubt that your loved ones are close to you and that you yourself understand why you are here and what you are trying to prove… In “Rodents” it is very interesting that the characters are real cases of my ancestors, they don’t underestimate. There’s no disrespect with them, there’s disagreement.”he emphasizes.

Valery Yordanov is known as an actor, director and screenwriter, as a hush and student of the Master. From Stefan Danailov, he knows what self-belief is and how to nurture it. His other teachers are the street and the mountain.

“On the street you meet all kinds of people, and there every unnecessary vanity is at some point punished, in one way or another. Even if a person has succeeded, he feels lonely at some point. In the mountains, you realize how small and earthly you are, if you have a mind . If you don’t have it, it can destroy you. Taken together, they deprive you of the vanity and the superfluous words, the superfluous adjectives to explain to everyone else what you feel. They just make you more concrete, which is an important thing. “

Valery Yordanov wishes his readers a pleasant reading and would sincerely be glad if they disagreed with “Rodents”, because it would mean that they too have their vivid examples in life. He is of the opinion that in days like today we sometimes forget, especially the young, what honor, dignity, respect and duty are, but there is a reason for that.

“I don’t mean to say that I underestimate today’s youth and children, just the way life is currently falling on them – the lack of a village, of land, of everyday observable values, not those that are thrust upon them by the media, the Internet , computers, friends and modernity – this lack confuses them very much and they inevitably start drowning in it. So I think we should try, “At least I tried” – a favorite line of mine by Mac Murphy from One Flew Over the Cuckoo nest”.

We must try to remember – the sensations, the connection between us, between generations – and not forget what trace we leave behind. The conversation with Valery Yordanov in the sound file starts from these thoughts.

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