Heavy rain, thunderstorms and cooling are expected today

Heavy rain, thunderstorms and cooling are expected today
Heavy rain, thunderstorms and cooling are expected today

A warning for torrential rain and thunderstorms has been issued across the country today

During the night against Saturday, significant amounts and strong thunderstorms there will also be along the Black Sea, but in the rest of the country precipitationthey will be in the process of being suspended.

Code Yellow and Orange throughout the country

Temperatures will continue to drop and the maximum today will be from 20° in the northwestern part of the country to 30° in Eastern Bulgaria, where there will also be sunny hours. A moderate north-easterly will blow, in the western half of the Danube plain – a north-westerly wind, BNT reported.

And along the Black Sea in many places there will be precipitation with thunders. More significant amounts are expected at the end of the day and Saturday night.

A moderate northeasterly wind will blow. The wave of the sea will be 3 points, and the temperature of the sea water is 26°.

Bad conditions for hiking in the mountains. It will be cloudy, foggy and precipitationin places significant and accompanied by thunders.

In the Balkans cooling downit will continue, huh precipitationsomewhere intense and accompanied by thunders there will be in many places, except for the northwestern and southern areas of the peninsula.

In our country on Saturday it will remain cool for the season, but it will rain in fewer places, and in the afternoon the cloudiness will begin to decrease.

On Sunday, there will be more sunny hours, but after lunch in places in Western Bulgaria it is possible to rain again. An increase in temperatures will begin, which will continue into the new week.

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