How does the Radev-DPS-GERB common front work against PP?

How does the Radev-DPS-GERB common front work against PP?
How does the Radev-DPS-GERB common front work against PP?

Because Radev was not elected by the PP as president, there is no more criticism of GERB (DPS forgot them a long time ago), he did not say that if there were more like Kiril in our politics, it would be a different Bulgaria. No, this was all before 24.2.

DPS operate traditionally quietly, “from behind”. For example, today I’m listening to an interview on BNR with someone from Pazardzhik – we know WHO is running amok there – how he cheerfully reports that PP used deceased people for the sectional committees. To the question: “how are you sure they are PP?” – “Well how – only they don’t have structures in the country”.

And what do I think that SOMEONE may have submitted these names to PP in advance in order to break out a scandal, but maybe my imagination is rich?

Otherwise we know that DPS have never, ever used dead souls in elections.

Next is GERB – we watch BB’s recitatives around the clock, which constantly changes the plate – with Russian, without Russian gas; without DPS, with DPS for coalition. But always beginning with some revelation of how PPs are mediators; ergo, expensive (by 30%!) gas; ergo, inflation; ergo, inflated government spending; ergo bankruptcy etc.

Because you see – BB is diversifying Russian gas and keeping prices in every sphere under the control of the gun from the locker – so that the deficits will be bequeathed to the next one after the flood.

ITN – if anyone is still paying attention to them – went wild calling PP fraudsters. Because they aren’t.

A prominent agency also gave an increasing lead to GERD, coincidentally. Volgin also invites “appropriate” guests every day to open wounds in everything Euro-Atlantic (“liberal”) and put salt in them – a kind of general Ideological preparation of voters against the “invaders”.

So, one gets confused about the difference between GERB, DPS, ITN, Vazrazhdane, Vazkhoda, etc. – for which Bulgaria was governed for 12 years by the PP and corruption, inflation, crisis – everything, everything is their heavy legacy.

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