Over 6,700 are vying for an MP seat, campaigning begins today

Over 6,700 are vying for an MP seat, campaigning begins today
Over 6,700 are vying for an MP seat, campaigning begins today
  • Out of 23 registered parties and 6 coalitions, one has not submitted candidate lists and the EPP number – 21, will be missing from the ballot
  • Half as many as November want to vote abroad for now
  • The sections outside will not be more than 800, in 290 of them there will be machines

A little over 6,700 are the candidates for deputies who will fight for a place in the next 48th National Assembly in the elections on October 2. The campaign starts today.

23 parties and 6 coalitions are registered for the elections, but 1 less will be recorded on the ballot, as the United People’s Party has not registered lists in any district election commission (RIK) within the legal term. This was explained by the deputy head of the CEC, Rositsa Mateva, yesterday. Thus, #21 will be skipped in the ballot, which fell to this party after the drawing of lots for the numbers on Wednesday in the CEC.

The “Edinstvo” party did not register lists in Montana and Sliven, so their number will not appear in the machines there.

There are two initiative committees that have registered independent candidates. One is the former pop-folk singer Luna Yordanova, who is running in the 25th MIR in Sofia. Last fall, she also ran as an independent presidential candidate, winning over 21,000 votes in an open protest vote.

The other independent candidate in these elections is in Varna and it is the owner of the Retro Museum Tsvetan Atanasov. In 2019, he was a candidate for mayor of the maritime capital and received over 2,200 votes.

We are currently checking all lists for eligibility. The results will become clear by September 4, the CEC explained yesterday.

The ballot pattern for the October election is likely to be clear next week.

28,896 are the online applications submitted so far to vote abroad on October 2, which is half the number of last November’s election. Then there were a little under 60 thousand. This was announced by the deputy head of the CEC, Tsvetozar Tomov. He reminded that there are 5 days left because the deadline for submitting applications for a vote abroad expires at 0.00 on September 6.

There are also about 15-20 applications that have been submitted at diplomatic and consular missions, which means that the online service is now much more preferred.

Turkey, Great Britain, Spain and the United States are the countries with the most willingness to vote. 7 Bulgarian citizens have applied to vote in Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

The reason is the liberalized mode of opening sections based on the results of previous elections. 734 sections can be opened on this basis. For comparison – with an application and on the basis of results from previous elections, there were 750. In any case, it appears that the sections outside the country will not transfer 800, explained Tomov.

290 sections abroad will be able to vote by machine. For now, there will be a second machine in 235, but it is possible that their number will be increased depending on the submitted applications. Then it will be considered whether in all sections with machines abroad they should not be 2 each.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be responsible for the transport of the machines outside the country. An order for the transport and maintenance of the voting machines in the country is currently in progress, explained the deputy head of the CEC, Rositsa Mateva. There will be such in 9363 sections, and in 1104 of them there will be two machines. It takes between 7 and 10 days to install the machines, she added.

The number of machines that will be sent to municipalities for demonstration voting has already been approved. However, the date on which this will happen is not clear. They will probably arrive at the regional administrations on September 6 at the earliest.

Voters who want to vote based on their current address must submit an application to the mayor of the settlement. This is done either on-site at the municipal administration or online on the GRAO website. Such applications are not submitted to the CEC.

Also on September 17, the deadline for submitting applications for the formation of a mobile electoral commission expires. A minimum of 10 submitted applications is required. If there is already one established in the settlement, citizens can submit their application until September 26.

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