Serious interest in the Panagyur gold treasure

A family from Varna – a man and a woman were the first two visitors to view the original of the Panagyur Golden Treasure upon its return home. The unique Thracian antiquities arrived under increased police protection, after which museum specialists from Sofia and Panagyurishte exhibited the vessels in the vault room for over an hour.

“We had work in Sofia and had decided in advance that on our way back we would pass through Panagyurishte to see Raina Knyagina’s house,” shared the guests from Varna. When they learned that the original Panagyur gold would be exhibited again in the vault hall, they decided to visit the rest of the museum’s objects as well. “We didn’t have a preconceived notion of what we were going to see, but we’re definitely impressed.” Delightful craftsmanship, worth seeing,” said the tourists from Varna.

In total, more than 50 people saw the unique Thracian masterpiece only during the first hour of its display in the vault hall of the Historical Museum in the city of Sdnjegorsk. Among them was Katinka Mihova from Sofia. She had come to Panagyurishte specifically to see the treasure. “I have visited many cities in Bulgaria, in some places I have seen excavated and looted Thracian mounds. It is good that in Panagyurishte all this has been preserved. I am also extremely impressed by the other objects in the museum – the expositions about the April Uprising, the crafts, but the vault room is definitely the most impressive,” said Mihova.

Among the first visitors was a group from Haskovo. Her “guide” was Lyubka Ignatova, who this summer decided to organize a patriotic tour for her grandchildren. “We were in Plovdiv, today we are in Panagyurishte, then we will go to Koprivshtitsa,” the woman said and added that her main goal is to raise her grandchildren to respect the cultural and historical heritage of Bulgaria.

The Panagyur gold treasure will remain in the vault hall until October 16 inclusive, and the next day – October 17 – it will travel back to the National History Museum in Sofia. And this year, all costs for the return of the treasure to Panagyurishte are covered by “Asarel-Medet” JSC. The exhibition dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the construction of the vault hall can now be seen in the Historical Museum.

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