First election debate –

First election debate –
First election debate –

Tomislav Donchev, Daniel Laurer and Georgi Svilenski faced each other

The election campaign is already underway and with it the most spectacular political clashes begin. In the next four weeks, the traditional ones will be held in the bTV studio debateand on the important issues that concern all Bulgarians.

In a verbal battle, they stand up first Tomislav Donchev from COAT OF ARMS, Daniel Laurer from “We continue the change” and George Svilenski from BSP.

Tomislav Donchev has a master’s degree in philosophy from Veliko Tarnovo University and a master’s degree in Business Administration and High Technologies. He is the Deputy Prime Minister in all three governments COAT OF ARMSand now he is the leader of the leaves in Gabrovo.

Daniel Laurer graduated in Computer Science and Business Administration in Tel Aviv. He is the Minister of Innovation and Growth in Kiril Petkov’s cabinet, and now he leads the PP lists in Varna and Targovishte.

George Svilenski is a graduate engineer from the University of Architecture and Construction. He is the chairman of the parliamentary group of BSP in the 47th parliament, and now he leads the list of the left in 24 MIR – Sofia.

The upcoming vote

Tomislav Donchev announced that COAT OF ARMS are ready to return to government, as long as the people decide it. “In terms of fitness, staffing and expertise we are always ready to serve as neededDonchev said.

We give a clear request – these are elections between the old and the new. If COAT OF ARMS are ready to return to fitness, it is important for us that the pattern of the last 12 years is ended“, he stated Daniel Laurer.

From BSP we appear on electionsthem with the request to continue the social policy“, he said George Svilenski.

Economic and energy crisis

Half of the causes of the economic and energy crises are imported, and the other half – domestic production“, he said Tomislav Donchev. In his words, the government, in its inexperience, has led to a more serious deepening of the crises.

Our domestic reasons are because of the impossibility of 12 years COAT OF ARMS to provide an alternative source of gas for Bulgaria. We managed to find alternatives“, he said Daniel Laurer in response.

Voters want secure supply at low prices, we’re all for it. This means talks with both Gazprom and all other possible suppliers“, he stated George Svilenski.

Regarding the problems with Gazprom and the differences between the coalition partners, Laurer commented that the availability or absence of gas is a more important factor. “Gazprom’s main problem is that they can cut off supplies whenever they want“, he said Daniel Laurer.

According to Tomislav Donchev gas supply should not be based on political emotions, the only solution is free competition.

Let there be less ideologising of this problem. People even low price and safe deliverySvilensky said.

Economics and Finance

According to Tomislav Donchev looming public finance crisis, but Laurer denied. “The last 12 years COAT OF ARMS turned the state-owned companies into their intermediaries“, said the former minister of PP. Svilenski, in turn, described these as suggestions to review the government’s social achievements.

What we see as forecasts from the institutions for the end of the year is very different from the set parameters. The point is not to mention constantly updating the debt“, he said Tomislav Donchev.


In the last minutes of debateand its participants have the right to ask each other direct questions after the draw.

Laurer asked Svilensky if BSP would rule with COAT OF ARMS under some circumstances. “This coalition is impossible from the start. Between us and COAT OF ARMS this conversation is pointlessSvilensky replied.

He turned to Tomislav Donchev with the question of what was the price of the unspoken coalition with “Vazrazhdane”, DPS and “There is such a people” in order to overthrow the government. “There is a ruling coalition, and there is an opposition. Parties in opposition may fight with different goals, but they also have a common goalDonchev said and denied COAT OF ARMS to have future plans for a coalition with “Vazrazhdane”.

Donchev asked Laurer who was responsible for the crisis with public finances. The former minister of PP replied that there is none and the citizens must be helped to overcome the real crises caused by the war in Ukraine.

Final statements

At the end of debateand participants have the right to address the audience directly.

Donchev demanded that the campaign pass without recycling old points of support and that party selfishness be overcome.

Laurer called on Bulgaria to change.

Svilenski declared himself a social and secure state.

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