New sparks between China and Taiwan over the downed drone

China accused Taiwan of trying to inflame tensions in the region after the self-ruled island shot down an unidentified civilian drone off the Chinese coast yesterday. Reuters reports.

The (Taiwan’s) Democratic Progressive Party’s attempt to ratchet up the tension means nothingChinese Foreign Minister Zhao Lijian said at a briefing in response to a question about the downed drone.

Neither Taipei nor Beijing so far have not explicitly stated that the drone came from China.

For his part, Taiwanese Prime Minister Su Zhongchan said the downing of the drone, which was flying over a Taiwanese-controlled island, was the “most suitable” move after repeated warnings. According to him, China should exercise restraint.

“They (China – b.r.) repeatedly ignored our warnings to leave and we had no choice but to exercise our right of self-defense and shoot. This is the most appropriate reaction after repeated restraint and warnings“, he was emphatic.

We will never provoke and we will act in the most appropriate way to protect our land and our peopleSu also emphasized.

Taiwan has shot down a drone off the coast of China for the first time

The aircraft has entered the island’s airspace

Yesterday, Taiwan’s military was the first to shoot down an unidentified civilian drone that entered the country’s airspace.

This came a day after the Taiwanese government vowed to take tough measures to deal with such cases of trespassing into the country’s territory.

Lately, the Taiwanese authorities have been furious that Chinese drones frequently fly over islands controlled by Taiwan and located near the coast of China.

Taiwan threatened to counterattack China

If Chinese planes or ships enter the territory of the island

The Jingmen Islands Command said the drone entered the airspace over Lion Island shortly after noon local time. Jingmen is a group of islands under Taiwanese control located opposite the Chinese cities of Xiamen and Quanzhou.

Although troops on the island warned the drone to leave the area, it did not, which is why the aircraft was shot down and fell into the sea.

Taiwan fired warning shots at a drone for the first time on Tuesday after President Tsai Ing-wen ordered the military to take tough countermeasures against “Chinese provocations”.

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