We are looking at old players, it is not important who is first, but who will be able to form a majority…

“Relations are strained, there is no opportunity to create post-election coalitions due to political diversification. GERB, regardless of whether and by how much it will win, is unlikely to form a coalition to govern. It doesn’t matter who is first, but who will be able to form a majority of 121 people”, said Prof. Rosen Stoyanov.

Andreeva believes that both “Vazrazhdane” and DPS are currently mobilizing their structures and will concentrate a lot of efforts. “The good news is that everyone wants to govern, but no one wants to be in opposition. However, they don’t know how to manage together, and they will have to figure it out,” she told “Bulgaria Morning” on BG On Air.

Stoyanov clarified that it is a question of a deficit of coalition culture. “There have been governments with a full mandate in coalition. Let’s not forget that despite the omission of the fact that the SDS is in coalition with GERB – even this proves that coalition government is possible. Politics is diplomacy, and compromise is often the solution to the particular problem.”

“It is important that the parties take responsibility for this difficult moment. Anyone who failed to form a government will take full responsibility if he leads the people to elections again. This is the main challenge of “We continue the change” – they follow the path of “There is such a people” and if they participate and cannot form a healthy government, in the next elections they will fight for the four percent line”, adds Andreeva.

Prof. Stoyanov sees the possibility of a spiral of elections for a new parliament and believes that there will be a push for elections, especially when next year’s local elections and then the European ones are added to the bill.

Tsvetanka Andreeva does not see Slavi Trifonov’s attempt at a referendum as innocent and uncalculated: “Slavi is trying to somewhat take advantage of the image of President Radev, presenting himself as close to him, in order to overcome the electoral threshold. It is a prelude to public attitudes, forming a debate. It is extremely dangerous to be underestimated.”

Political scientists also shared their opinions on what is the key word of the election campaign. According to Andreeva, this is a “gas crisis” and “energy opportunities”. Prof. Stoyanov believes that this should be decided by the communication teams of the parties and does not want to give them free advice.

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