Will you take the time to go to a party campaign rally?

Will you take the time to go to a party campaign rally?
Will you take the time to go to a party campaign rally?

What happened until this hour?

Floods again in Karlovsko – seven people were evacuated, trains stopped between Hristo Danovo and Klisura due to landslides and flooded tracks. A partial state of emergency has been declared, houses in the villages of Rozino, Slatina, Stoletovo, Bogdan, Karavelovo have been flooded, the mayor of the municipality Emil Kabaivanov told BTA. Because of the heavy rains, there is a broken dam on the Stryama river, a bridge is blocked. Kabaivanov added that he asked for help from the military, because they cannot cope with their own equipment alone. Assistance will also be sought from “Irrigation Systems”, which manage the Stream and are responsible for the safety of the river bed. Fire crews from Karlovo and Plovdiv have been sent to the scene to help the distressed villages.

Since this morning, the movement of trains between the stations in Hristo Danovo and Klisura has been suspended due to landslides as a result of the large amount of rainfall, the National Railway Infrastructure Company announced. The closed section is part of the third main railway line Sofia – Karlovo – Burgas. Passengers from trains Sofia – Karlovo and Karlovo – Sofia will be transported by buses between Hristo Danovo and Klisura.

They made an attempt to assassinate the vice president of Argentina, the gun misfired. The incident took place in front of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s home in Buenos Aires, where hundreds of protesters have gathered in recent days to support her. Kirchner is a former president of Argentina and is currently under investigation for corruption committed while she was head of state. The televised footage showed a man pointing a gun at her as she got out of her car and was surrounded by supporters. The gun, which was loaded, misfired, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez announced in a televised address to the nation. He called what happened “attempted murder”. The attacker was detained by the vice president’s security.

Grigor Dimitrov dropped out in the second round of the US Open, “Korner” reported. Our first racket failed to take a set from Brendan Nakashima and lost to the American representative, who is 50 places behind him in the ranking, 6:7, 5:7 and 3:6. Dimitrov made 41 unforced errors to his opponent’s 27, and double faults were 5 for the Bulgarian, while Nakashima made none. Thus, Grigor recorded one of his weakest years in the Grand Slam, achieving four wins and the same number of losses in the four tournaments.

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What impressed us a while ago?

A homeless couple got married in Italy after the man and woman lived in an airport for at least 30 years, ANSA reported. What’s next for Attilio and Dolores, hear on the news.

And how about that?

The pre-election campaign for the early parliamentary elections on October 2 officially started at midnight today. It will last until midnight on September 30. 22 parties and 6 coalitions will participate in the elections for people’s representatives. Only two independent candidates were nominated for the vote in October by Initiative Committees – Luna Yordanova in 25 MIR – Sofia and Tsvetan Atanasov in 3 MIR – Varna. “Election campaigning” is a call to support or not support a candidate, party, coalition or initiative committee when participating in the elections for people’s representatives on October 2, 2022, according to the decision of the CEC.

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