The most important thing now is to control inflation and raise incomes

The most important thing now is to control inflation and raise incomes
The most important thing now is to control inflation and raise incomes

Talks with Russia and Gazprom must be resumed to ensure lower gas prices

“We are entering these elections in a different capacity. Unlike before, we are entering as a party that has ruled. For many years, we participated as an opposition that criticized GERB and offered an alternative. But now we can stand before the people and say what we have done as rulers. And that’s our advantage because we did a good job.” This was stated by BSP leader Cornelia Ninova on Radio “Focus”.

According to Ninova, the most important for the BSP are the economy and social policy. “And this is how the sectors were distributed in the government, that the economy and social policy were in our sectors and we from the BSP managed them. We can stand in front of the people with a very open face and say that we achieved stabilization of the economy, we supported the companies. The result is visible . At the end of June, European statistics reported that we are in first place in terms of industrial production and in fourth place in the EU in terms of GDP growth. This growth and this stabilization of the economy allowed us to have income to direct to our priority policy – social “, she commented and emphasized that the BSP took care of the most vulnerable Bulgarian citizens, such as children, young people, the working poor and pensioners.

“We stand very calmly and say that those BGN 22 billion that were allocated for social policy represent free kindergartens, an increase in maternity leave to BGN 710, family income taxation for young families, which means that they already pay less taxes. If they have one child BGN 600, if they have two children BGN 1,200 less taxes. For workers, we increased the minimum wage, we increased the vouchers from BGN 80 to BGN 200, and they can now use them for cultural events and for a holiday at sea. We increased pensions. On average, at GERB for 12 years, they were increased by BGN 162, and we by BGN 167 in just 7 months. From October 1, we have bet on a recalculation of pensions. We enter this campaign with self-confidence for a job well done, despite the crises, despite the burdens that Bulgaria experienced during these 6-7 months. And of course with proposed and ready-made solutions on how to continue from here on,” added the leader of the Socialists about the achievements of the social sector.

According to Ninova, before talking about major changes in the fight against corruption and justice, it is most urgent to solve the issue of inflation, income, poverty and prices. “This is the most important thing to get Bulgaria through the hard winter months that are coming, as we did last winter. That’s why we have solutions:

First, the price of gas must be frozen. As we did in February with the price of electricity for households. It paid off – we saved people from high prices. Now we have to do this with the gas.

In the second place – a serious program for compensating companies and businesses for the price of gas. We did the same with the current. We reached BGN 250 per megawatt-hour compensation for businesses and thus saved the economy. We did not allow bankruptcies, we did not allow workers to be laid off, and our unemployment rate is lower than the European one.

In third place – a powerful social program, as it was until now. To offset these high prices and the impoverishment of the people.

Fourthly, to restore talks with Russia and “Gazprom” in order to ensure lower gas prices. This must be done urgently, because the crisis will not be only in the winter”, the chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party summarized the main measures and priorities of the left.

She commented that GERB and the entire backstage around Borisov’s party have the advantage of suggesting that the government in which the BSP participated has failed in the financial and economic sphere. “To tell the citizens: “Give us back, we will solve the problem”. This is the first element. The second – they attack for unreasonable spending, i.e. the social sphere, talk about tightening the belts and hint at an increase in taxes. They want personal to hit us,” Ninova added.

According to her, all parties play with the social sphere and promise to work there, but according to her, the BSP has the advantage of not just making promises, because the socialists have also proven that they can do it. “Even our partners from the government, I see that now they are mainly bringing forward social policy. Something that would not have happened without BSP in this government. GERB want to deny all this to say that they are the alternative. This is extremely harmful. People have not forgotten what it was like for 12 years during the rule of GERB. We state a definite position on how to proceed from now on. Let the voters decide,” said the chairman of the Bulgarian Socialist Party.

Regarding Borisov’s recent accusations of not handling the work, she stated: “Let’s look at the facts. We left BGN 8.5 billion in the budget in July, a surplus of BGN 1.5 billion, of the 10 billion granted by the National Assembly for withdrawal loans, we have withdrawn BGN 1.5 billion. And in total for our administration, the debt fell by 2 billion. On the contrary, we left stable finances, a stable economy, strong social support for the people. I am sure that Borisov will not be able to say a single number or a single fact regarding these accusations. We left stable country. It is important what the people will decide with their vote in October. Will this policy continue or will we return to the old – GERB, the backstage and the whole model that Borisov managed”.

The leader of the BSP commented on the accusations of the Minister of Economy and Industry Nikola Stoyanov with the words: “Well, what can we expect from a person who I fired for not doing his job, and the management of VMZ-Sopot gave him to a prosecutor for signed unprofitable contracts at the time him as chairman of the board. Offers for transportation of the workers between BGN 1.5-2.0, they signed for BGN 7. Since Mr. Stoyanov told many lies about me, I filed a lawsuit. From now on, it will be explained in court.”

“And the children have already understood that the crises are the result of the war in Ukraine. Of course they started earlier than the covid crisis, which affected the economy, but the war deepened them. The reason is obvious. The question is how we will solve the crises, not I see GERB proposing a solution. The most important thing is to control inflation, and to reduce people’s incomes, poverty and inequalities,” said Ninova regarding the reasons that led to the crises we are in.

“This is our consistent position – ever since there was talk of searching for shale gas in Dobrudja, we are against it and will not allow it. Experts claim that there are opportunities for development and extraction of gas from Black Sea fields – this is absolutely normal and acceptable. It is good to have our own sources and to be independent. But Dobruja is the granary of Bulgaria, our fertile land, and we cannot allow in-depth research to be done there. We remain consistent on this issue. Dobruja must produce Bulgaria’s food.” she summarized the position of the socialists, who are against the exploration and extraction of shale gas from Bulgaria’s granary.

In conclusion, Kornelia Ninova said that, contrary to many opinions, she believes that after the elections there will be a government and pointed out that over 60% of those who voted in one of the last polls said that there should be a regular government because it is necessary. “We need a stable consistent policy. We need a parliament to solve all these issues that we propose as solutions. These things cannot become a fact if there is no government, but it depends on the Bulgarian voters what it will be. Whether it will come together a majority to continue the change in Bulgaria, the arrangement of the state, the break with the backstage, to have a social and secure state or we will return the old – GERB model and all the dependencies related to this model, and 10 billion thefts per year”, concluded the leader of the Bulgarian socialists.

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