Grigor Dimitrov fought until the end, but was ingloriously eliminated from the US Open

Grigor Dimitrov fought until the end, but was ingloriously eliminated from the US Open
Grigor Dimitrov fought until the end, but was ingloriously eliminated from the US Open

Grigor Dimitrov could not cope with the American tennis player Brendan Nakashima and lost 0:3 (6:7, 5:7, 3:6) in the second round of US Open.

Even in the first set, the confidence with which the two tennis players entered the match was evident. Dimitrov and Nakashima won their serves and made a rather interesting set, in which, however, the American was more concentrated and more energetic and deservedly closed it with 6:7 (5:7).

The second set was just like the first – with a lot of attraction and struggle. In the end, however, once again Nakashima prevailed. The American made a key break for 6:5 and then closed with 7:5, leading the set 2:0.

In the third set, it was like our first racket just gave up. Brendan Nakashima broke through for 2:4 and did not allow himself to be surprised, eliminating Grigor after 6:3 in the last set.

Thus, Nakashima was able to get revenge on his native tennis player, who managed to defeat the American at the Masters in Rome after two sets. The next step for the Bulgarian racket is the participation in the Sofia Open, and today his American rival will do his best to present the US Open sensation with his ranking ahead.

Development of the meeting


Grigor Dimitrov started quite confidently and managed to take the opening game in which he was serving. A serve followed for the American, which he was able to win using his powerful serve and backhand. Grigor did not allow a surprise in the next game, closing it with 40:15. 2:1 for the Bulgarian. However, Nakashima was again able to close out his serve with success, leveling the games – 2:2. With extremely strong serves and excellent backhand shots, Dimitrov regained his lead – 3:2. The next game was impeccably closed by the American, whose serves continue to cause problems for the Bulgarian racket – 3:3. However, Grigor’s service is also not to be underestimated. The Bulgarian made it difficult for his opponent with his powerful serves and again came forward – 4:3. A game followed, in which the native tennis player was very close to a breakthrough, but alas, he was unable to achieve it – 4:4. Grigor was flawless on his next serve, closing out the game at 40:0. – 5:4. The American continued to answer the Bulgarian with his brutal forehand shots and reached 5:5. Excellent Dimitrov wins his next serve at 0 and needs a break to close out the set – 6:5. In the end, Grigor tried, but did not get the long-awaited breakthrough. A tiebreak follows – 6:6. Nakashima made fewer mistakes and eventually won the tiebreak and closed out the set with 7:6 in your favor!


Nakashima served first to start the second set and closed the first game 40:0 – 1:0 for the American. In Grigor’s first serve of the second set, he made no mistake and won it 40:15 – 1:1. A rather interesting play ensued, in which Nakashima was the more focused of the two on the court – 1:2 for the American. Still no breakouts! Grigor Dimitrov equalizes the score again – 2:2. Another game ensued in which Nakashima found an answer to everything Grigor threw at him – 2:3. A game ensued in which both tennis players gave their all, but Dimitrov managed to win his serve – 3:3. Nakashima won his next submission – 3:4. It turned out to be quite an interesting game, full of what not – mistakes and brilliant plays, in the end, Grigor managed to close it – 4:4. Nakashima continued to be faultless on his serves and won the next game – 5:4. Grigor was able to equalize again by winning his next serve – 5:5. But then an impeccable Nakashima prevailed once again and took the lead with 6:5. A very important breakthrough for Nakashima. The American managed to take the game in which Grigor was serving and thus closed the second set with 7:5 in your favor!


It looked as if Grigor Dimitrov would break open the first game of the set, but Nakashima rallied and hit two excellent serves to win the first game for now – 0:1. A game followed in which the Bulgarian was impeccable and did not allow himself to be broken – 1:1. However, Nakashima’s powerful forehand spoke again and helped him a lot in the following game – 1:2 for the American. After a long game in which we saw the lead change several times, Grigor was able to close and equalize – 2:2. Nakashima responds appropriately – 2:3. Nakashima breaks through! The Bulgarian tennis player failed to win his serve and is already behind with 2:4. Bad! Nakashima comes close to closing out the match. The American was confident and won his serve – 2:5. Grigor does not give up! The Bulgarian made excellent serves and won his serve – 3:5. However, Nakashima did not flinch and closed the third set with a game that he won at 0. The American’s victory with 3:0 the set.


Grigor Dimitrov reached the second round of the US Open for the fourth consecutive season after a dominant 6-3 6-2 6-2 win over Steve Johnson. It was an excellent result for the Bulgarian, who bowed out of a first-round match against the same opponent at Wimbledon a few months ago and was forced to retire in his final match in Winston-Salem last week.

Brendan Nakashima snapped his three-game losing streak on the main tour with a hard-fought win against Russian qualifier Pavel Kotov in the first round in New York. The pair needed more than an hour to decide the first set before the American stepped up to dominate the second and third sets, 7-6 6-2 6-2.

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