Flooded houses and destroyed bridges: Military help in Karlovsko

Flooded houses and destroyed bridges: Military help in Karlovsko
Flooded houses and destroyed bridges: Military help in Karlovsko

The mayors of the five villages in Karlovsko, in which a state of partial disaster was declared due to flooding after the heavy rain, explained that the situation was serious, but no one was injured.

Entire streets are under water, the inhabitants of the settlements are being evacuated. A community center, a factory and other significant buildings were also flooded. A bridge in Karavelovo, which connects the two parts of the village, was also destroyed.

Also, the power supply and internet connection have been cut.

85 military personnel with 13 units of equipment from the 61st Stryam Mechanized Brigade are also coming to the aid of the residents.

The situation remains worst in the village of Bogdan, where the river is coming with great force.

Heavy rains, which continue at the moment, caused floods in the western part of Karlovo municipality, the mayor of Karlovo municipality Emil Kabaivanov told BTA.

He added that he asked for help from the military because they could not cope with their own equipment alone. Assistance will also be sought from “Irrigation Systems”, which manage the Stream and are responsible for the safety of the river bed.

The main road in Rosino is flooded

The mayor of Rozino, Ali Kuchuk, reported that it rained in the village throughout the night and several houses were flooded.

According to him, two streets were destroyed, and the main road in the village was flooded.

There are flooded houses and basements, the canals that drain the water are blocked, but there are no people in distress, added the mayor of the village.

Asphalt pavement removed in Slatina

The situation in the village of Slatina is dire, the mayor of the village, Petar Delkov, told BTA.

According to him, the ravines and bed of the river Stryama cannot absorb such large amounts of rain. Delkov pointed out that the heavy rains started as early as 2:00 in the night and have not stopped until now. In some places, the asphalt pavement has been washed away by the rain, he added.

There are flooded houses, I have not been informed about people in distress yet, added the mayor of the village of Slatina.

He said he was waiting for disaster and accident teams to describe the damage.

At least 40 flooded houses in Karavelovo

At least 40 houses were flooded in the village of Karavelovo, the mayor of the settlement, Slavka Chervenkova, told BTA.

The situation is very bad. The bridges over the Tatl Dere river, which are near the Cultural House and the rakidjinica, are overflowing. I have people in distress evacuated at the moment, the mayor added. There are also drowned animals.

They will be accommodated temporarily in the town hall.

According to her, large landslides are expected in the mountains above the village.

Chervenkova stated that she is waiting for equipment to start removing the fallen trees in the river bed.

A man from Stoletovo is waiting for help on the second floor of his house, around which there is 1.5 m of water

According to “Maritsa”, a man in Stoletovo is in dire straits, he is alone in a two-story house by the reservoir for sport fishing. The man evacuated himself to the second floor, there is more than 1.50 m of water around his house.

Attempts by a fire brigade to reach him were unsuccessful.

Children and adults were evacuated to Bogdan

Four children and single adults were evacuated to the village of Bogdan, reports NOVA. A person stuck with his car on the bridge in the village was also rescued.

There, the situation remains the most serious because of the broken dam on the Stryama River.

The military will help in the villages

In the meantime, it became clear that 85 military personnel with 13 units of equipment from the 61st Stryam Mechanized Brigade will be involved today, September 2, in overcoming the consequences of the floods in the municipality of Karlovo.

The formation will provide assistance in the area of ​​the village of Bogdan, which is also one of the most affected. After heavy rains and rising river levels in the municipality, a partial state of emergency has been declared.

The participation of military personnel is at the request of the regional governor of the Plovdiv region, permission from the Minister of Defense and by order of the commander of the Ground Forces.

And Koprivshtitsa was flooded

Heavy rains also in Koprivshtitsa – in places the bed of the Byala Reka has overflowed and flooded streets, reports BNT.

The river has almost overflowed at the bridge “Prvata Pushka” and completely breached at “April 20” square.

Byala Reka is a tributary of the Stryama River, which flooded the villages of Bogdan and Rozinovo due to a broken dam.

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