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They discovered the causes of addiction to sweets

They discovered the causes of addiction to sweets
They discovered the causes of addiction to sweets

Chocolate for a successfully completed task? Or a scoop of ice cream when you have no one to talk to? These are signs of an addiction to sweets, warns psychotherapist Olga Bagriy. She and nutritionist Elena Znaharenko reveal why we really crave sweets.

Stress is the main cause of sugar cravings. The body needs glucose in search of serotonin, the natural anti-depressant. When we eat sweets, the mood temporarily improves, anxiety disappears and a short-lived feeling of calm comes.

The need for attention and communication also often leads us to the cake stand. However, if you learn to show love to yourself, then the habit of “silencing” problems can disappear, the psychotherapist believes.

“Addiction to sugar” has not only psychological, but also physiological causes. High blood sugar is one of them, says gastroenterologist Znaharenko. Many do not even suspect that they eat sugar more often than they think. In fact, this product is sometimes used by manufacturers as a preservative or flavor enhancer. A sharp reduction in the usual “dose” provokes a desire for sweets.

An unbalanced diet, in particular an insufficient amount of protein in the diet, as well as a lack of physical activity, often cause an urgent desire to eat cake, ice cream or chocolate, dariknews reports.

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