Putin sees Bulgaria as a bridgehead against Europe

Putin sees Bulgaria as a bridgehead against Europe
Putin sees Bulgaria as a bridgehead against Europe

“Putin bets on disagreements and knows how to create them, with bribes, for example, says Gudkov. He relies on the influence of money in the negative, criminal sense. For this reason, Bulgaria is considered one of the countries he can rely on , to deploy its policy against Europe, to prepare and carry out its offensive”.

Gennady Gudkov is a Russian opposition politician and businessman. In 2012, The Moscow Times called him one of the fiercest and most charismatic critics of Vladimir Putin in parliament. Gudkov is a retired colonel from the KGB, he was the deputy chairman of the Security Committee in the Russian Duma. On September 14, 2012, he was deprived of his parliamentary mandate, and since 2018, when he left Russia due to the threat of criminal prosecution for his opposition activities, he has been living in Varna.

According to Gudkov, a serious agent network created by the Russian secret services continues to exist in Bulgaria at this moment. Its main task is to influence the political course of the country, to finance parties and politicians, to “export corruption” to the structures in the energy sector of Bulgaria.

“Many European countries have a powerful counter-intelligence, but I don’t think Bulgaria is among them, he says. That’s why there is an undisturbed work here to recruit new people to work for the interests of Russia. Until the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Russian intelligence felt extremely comfortable in various spheres of influence in Bulgaria – in the media, in the safety sector, in the energy sector, etc.”

For Gennadiy Gudkov, the expulsion of 70 Russian diplomats from the country was a “necessary measure”, since gross interference in its internal politics and clear support of pro-Putin organizations was underway in Bulgaria. As an example, he points to the paramilitary “BNO Shipka” of Vladimir Rusev, which officially through its website and social networks recruits people to participate in units under the swastika of Russia. “Propaganda directed against Ukraine is carried out, the aggression of the war is justified, says Gudkov. This is not only interference in the internal affairs of Bulgaria, but also in the literal sense of these words, subversive activity

It is precisely for this reason that I think that all this is financed and supported by the special services of Russia”.

According to Gudkov, there are not a few similar organizations in Bulgaria. He recalled information from the website of the Russian General Consulate in Varna from the beginning of August, when people from the leadership of the “Vazrazhdane” party were gathered there, from the so-called close to Putin. rock club “Night Wolves” and their Bulgarian counterparts. “These are the people of Alexander Zaldostanov (the leader of “Night Wolves” in Russia), who, in my opinion, is an absolute moron, says Gudkov. A political moron who can’t connect two words, but knows how to keep his balance on his motorcycle.” .

Gudkov claims that if Putin chooses the “path of nuclear apocalypse” as a way out of the war in Ukraine, it will lead to his catastrophic loss. And from there, the countdown to the end of his regime will begin. For this reason, he hopes that the Russian president will not have enough time to carry out his intentions.

“If God forbid, he still manages to end this war in Ukraine even with a relative victory, Putin’s next victim will be Kazakhstan, Georgia or Armenia and even Bulgaria,” says the Russian oppositionist.

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