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Floods in Karlovo, Sopot and Koprivshtitsa, no people in distress

People in distress, a village torn apart, flooded streets and houses, bridges washed away, railway transport stopped – this is the balance sheet from the torrential downpour in the western part of Karlovo municipality.

Five villages were affected – Rozino, Slatina, Stoletovo, Karavelovo and Bogdan.

A partial state of emergency has been declared, said the mayor of the municipality of Karlovo, Emil Kabaivanov.

There are also floods in Stinging nettleMinistry of Defense Sopot stopped working for security reasons.

Dozens of police and fire teams from the Plovdiv region came to the aid of the victims, said Chief Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov, director of the General Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”. He was on the spot in one of the most affected villages, Karavelovo.

The 85th military personnel with equipment from the 61st Stryam Mechanized Brigade also came to help.

People in flooded villages were evacuated by boats. Mountaineers also came to help.

The village of Bogdan is cut off from the world after at least four bridges were destroyed by the rising waters. We are waiting for the weather to stabilize so that a helicopter can take off to help with additional information, Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov explained.

Due to a broken dam on the Stryama River, assistance was also requested from “Irrigation Systems”, which is responsible for the safety of the riverbed, said Emil Kabaivanov.

People in distress in the village of Karavelovo, 40 houses are flooded

At least 40 houses were flooded in the village of Karavelovo, said the mayor of the settlement, Slavka Chervenkova.

“The situation is very bad. The bridges over the Tatla Dere River, which are near the Cultural House and the Rakijinica, are overflowing. I have people in distress, they have been evacuated at the moment and will be accommodated temporarily in the town hall.”said Slavka Chervenkova.

She added that because of the downpour, large landslides are expected to be activated in the mountains above the village.

The village is waiting for equipment to arrive to start removing the fallen trees from the riverbed.

The village of Bogdan is cut off from the world

The village of Bogdan, near Karlovo, is cut off from the world because of the heavy floods and torrential rains that started this morning.

An 80-year-old woman was successfully evacuated from her flooded house.

Rescuers and boats are arriving from all areas, said fire chief Nikolay Nikolov. He pointed out that the two bridges of the village are inaccessible – one is under water, the other has been completely washed away by the incoming waters.

On the order of the capital’s mayor Yordanka Fandakova, two teams of the “Emergency Assistance and Prevention” Directorate of the Capital Municipality went to the village of Bogdan to provide assistance.

The teams are equipped and have two boats and equipment, said Krasimir Dimitrov, director of the “Emergency Assistance and Prevention” Directorate.

Emergency situation in the village of Slatina

The situation in the village of Slatina, Karlovsko, is dire, said the mayor of the village, Petar Delkov.

According to him, the ravines and bed of the river Stryama cannot absorb such large amounts of rain.

The heavy rains started as early as 2 o’clock in the morning and have not stopped until now, Petar Delkov said at 11 o’clock today.

In places, the asphalt pavement has been washed away by the rain, there are flooded houses, added the mayor of the village of Slatina.

Flooding in Koprivshtitsa as well

A house and a kindergarten were flooded after the heavy rains in Koprivshtitsa, announced the mayor of the municipality, Boyka Dyulgiarova. According to her, there are no people in distress.

She reminded that for years the municipality has been asking the state to repair the canals, because of which the kindergarten is now flooded.

The Topolnitsa River has left its bed for a short time. There were small blockages in the smaller gullies of the river, which have been unclogged with excavators. The big river flows in its bed, but it is violent, explained the mayor of Koprivshtitsa.

The situation in the sub-Balkan town is under control for now, but the local authorities remain alert due to the forecast of meteorologists that the rains will continue.

The movement of trains has been stopped at the Hristo Danovo – Klisura interstation

The heavy rain stopped at 8 o’clock the movement of trains in the interstation Hristo Danovo and Klisura, which is part of the 3rd main railway line Sofia – Karlovo – Burgas.

The railroad was blocked by activated landslides and fallen trees. Part of it was under water.

Passengers between two railway stations are transported by buses, the BDZ announced.

The fast train from Burgas to Sofia departs along the route Karlovo – Plovdiv – Sofia via Kazichene.

Emergency teams of the National Railway Infrastructure Company are on site. Immediate measures have been taken to drain the railway, clear sediments in the section and restore traffic.

VMZ stopped working

The “Vazov engineering plants” in Sopot stopped working for security reasons.

There are flooded warehouses and production workshops. Electricity has been turned off at the production part in Sopot to prevent an accident, the plant said.

If necessary, logistical assistance will be provided by other enterprises in the system of the Ministry of Economy and Industry, according to a message from the department of Minister Nikola Stoyanov. He is currently in the United Arab Emirates as part of President Rumen Radev’s delegation. For this reason, his deputy Irina Shtonova urgently left for Sopot.

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