Gas has risen in price, BABH is not being investigated, GERB is 5% ahead of PP

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Here are the highlights:

  • Gas price increase
  • Zaporozhye NPP
  • The elections

Natural gas is up almost 19% since September. The price was confirmed by KEVR on Thursday evening.

Strange death at Lukoil

Another influential Russian in the energy business died on Thursday, possibly after “falling from a hospital window”. This is the chairman of the board of directors of the Lukoil oil company Ravil Maganov. Since the beginning of the year, at least six people in leadership positions in Russia’s energy and banking sectors have died under mysterious circumstances.

Today the finance ministers of the G-7 will decide whether to impose a ceiling on Russian oil prices. The idea has been discussed since June.

Zaporozhye NPP

Part of the UN nuclear inspectors left the Zaporozhye NPP shortly after they arrived for an inspection. Five of them will remain in place until September 3 and spend the night in the nearby city of Energodar, which is the center of hostilities. The plant itself is also being fired upon, with Ukraine and Russia blaming each other for who is carrying out the strikes.

Inspectors of the UN atomic agency traveled for two days from Kyiv to Energodar, they waited for a long time on the front line.

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The elections

GERB leads by 5% over “We continue the change”, according to a survey by Trend agency. The next forces are DPS and “Vazrazhdane” with about 10% each. DB would get 7.3% of the votes, and BSP – 8.6%. According to “Trend”, the parties of Stefan Yanev and Slavi Trifonov can jump the barrier to enter the parliament.

Sociology is a science, not a fortune teller, warns Svetla Encheva. She describes at least four misconceptions about polling data and reminds us that research cannot replace political will.

Boyko Borisov is reducing the time in which he makes a decision opposite to the previous one. On Wednesday, he said that he would not form a coalition with the DPS, and on Thursday it emerged that such a coalition was not ruled out. This is a period shorter than one day. Until now, Borisov changed his mind after 24 hours at the earliest.

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The prosecutor’s office has terminated the investigation against the former director of BABH Plamen Mollov. She found no evidence of a crime. At the beginning of June, a recording of a conversation between two men about the phytosanitary control of “Captain Andreevo” was released. It was understood from him that the executive director of the agency, Hristo Daskalov, was offered a bribe of BGN 100,000 in order not to interfere in border control.

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Putin and Gorbachev

Putin will not attend the funeral of Mikhail Gorbachev, the last Soviet leader, who died on Tuesday. The funeral will not be with state honors, only “elements” of state honors. Putin rejects everything that led to the collapse of the USSR, and the USSR collapsed precisely as a result of Gorbachev’s policies – a fact for which the world values ​​him the most.

Those whom Gorbachev promoted in the party staged a coup against him. See what Moscow looked like in flames and gunfire in August 1991.

And a few recommendationsand

Kaloyana Nalbantova won the singles title at the European Badminton Championships for girls under 19 years. She is a Free Europe Person of the Day.

If you are in Sozopol, then you are on “Apolonia”. A piano quartet performs Austrian music in the Archaeological Museum from 7 p.m. In the Summer Cinema from 8 p.m., they are showing Andrei Paunov’s film “January”.

If you’re in Sofia, check out who’s playing at Stroeja Open Air Music Bar in Borisova Garden at 8 p.m. – Erol Ibrahimov, Kolyo Gilana and Svetlio Vitkov

If you are in Varna, from today until Sunday there is a festival “The Balkans in the Middle Ages” at the Archaeological Museum – with demonstrations of martial arts and workshops on various crafts.

… plus my personal favorite

He wanted to save communism, but he blew it up from within. This is what Tony Nikolov writes in the “Kultura” portal about Mikhail Gorbachev. It also brings to mind something that is rarely talked about – how the Bulgarian communist state resisted the reforms imposed by Gorbachev.

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