This is the easiest election campaign of GERB

This is the easiest election campaign of GERB
This is the easiest election campaign of GERB

“We had the best presidency in the EU. We made our way into the waiting room of the Eurozone and our acceptance into the European Banking Union,” said GERB leader Boyko Borisov at the opening of the party’s election campaign in Pleven.

“This is the easiest election campaign for GERB. The facts speak – the prices of the goods produced in Bulgaria are record high, and inflation is monstrous. What increase in salaries and pensions?!”, he asked.

“With Boyko, oil was BGN 2, gasoline was BGN 2.20 – with you it is BGN 3.70. Here are the 12 years that their expensive PRs talk about. There is no area where anything has improved , everything is destroyed,” he commented.

“BGN 4 million have flown out of Bulgaria for five months through intermediaries. They want to enter the administration to steal again. As they do with gasoline. They also stole our slogan for “change”, added Borisov.

According to him, Bulgaria has received zero from the European solidarity for recovery from the Covid crisis. “Can you imagine the illiteracy and lack of interest!? And lobbying for the private interests of the ‘change’. It was not by chance that they got Gemcorp,” he pointed out.

“We left BGN 1 billion in a special account to complete the Hemus highway. Their greatest pride is that they stopped Hemus and the Ruse-Veliko Tarnovo road. What investments will you attract when the TIR travels at ten an hour on roads that have not been maintained for two years?” Borisov asked.

“Four billion and six hundred million BGN have flown out of Bulgaria in recent months through intermediaries. Therefore, this party of mediators must be defeated. Instead of building up, they destroyed everything that had been done. According to the roughest calculation, 30 million per day leave Bulgaria for the intermediaries of this party,” the GERB leader also said.

“Who will return these billions of loans and credits that they have accumulated? With this non-working economy. They subsidize gas, electricity, food, water. I don’t see anything successful in such a “perpetuum mobile”. There are still obligations for Bulgaria. And they want to go a little more crazy in the pockets of the Bulgarians. This is the party of the mediators!”, he continued with the criticism.

“They didn’t build a birdhouse for two years. And they came with loud promises – three bridges, five highways. Asen Vassilev said one highway per year. Two years have passed and there is not one meter!” he declared.

“On the first day, if GERB is in charge, we will impose a duty of one lev so that every citizen can receive one lev per liter of fuel compensation at each gas station. The “changes” are made to hawks, and at the same time they pay 28 percent more to ” Gazprom” for the gas,” said Borisov.

According to him, Germany closed the coal plants, and ours are working at max. “We produce everything – wheat, barley, sunflower. Where did the inflation come from? From the middlemen! The situation is very difficult,” added the GERB leader.

“It’s not who raises the pensions, it’s who pays them. It’s easy to promise, hard to work and hard to find the money to pay. We have the weakest investment climate and the highest food prices thanks to the party of “change”, of DB and BSP. For a year and a half”, he also commented.

“Are we going to continue to lie that we are not involved with weapons in Ukraine instead of making a decision like every other European country? Again, this is done through intermediaries. The intermediaries make huge money from the weapons, and we think that the Russians do not know what kind of projectiles is being shot. Instead of officially declaring it, this is being done so that the money can flow through the intermediaries,” concluded Boyko Borisov.

Earlier, the leader of GERB reminded on Facebook the slogan with which he won the elections in the capital 17 years ago: “GENERAL change”. He also published his 2005 vote poster.

And he declared: “GERB-SDS has a solution to the crises”.

Borisov released the post with the hashtag PoSilniOtChaosa ✅24 ГенеральнаПромяна

Here is what Boyko Borisov wrote on the social network:


With “GENERAL change” I won the mayoral elections back in 2005.

Today, 17 years later, another election campaign has started after the failure of the PARTY OF INTERMEDIARIES!

They chased us, they harassed us, they arrested us! We survived!

However, the country has been robbed and plunged into chaos! We have solutions for crises! Because we are GERB – SDS and we are stronger than chaos!

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