Galena revealed what her sick subject is

Galena revealed what her sick subject is
Galena revealed what her sick subject is

For the second year in a row, Galena is a coach in “The Voice of Bulgaria”, competing with Ivan Lechev, Lyubo Kirov and Dara.

Days before the start of the pop-folk music reality show, the star revealed what feelings and ambitions he entered the competition with.

“I take my role as a coach extremely seriously and I want to create this feeling of a team, of unity in the participants who chose me. Victory is not at all costs, for me it is important that these young girls and boys, who are undoubtedly very talented, learn something during the show, present themselves in the best possible way to the viewers of bTV and win the sympathy of her future admirers,” she told “24 Chasa”.

Galena is adamant that she will again do her best to support and guide the participants, but the victory will only be a fact if they want it and approach this endeavor with the necessary seriousness.

The hit singer says that on television sometimes it seems that the contenders for the award just go on stage and sing their song, but behind these five minutes there are dozens of hours of work and rehearsals.

Galena also says that for her it is a “sick topic” that the participants in “The Voice of Bulgaria” rarely choose Bulgarian songs.

“When it depends on me, I will always support and promote Bulgarian music, regardless of genre and style. However, we cannot judge the participants who prefer to perform with songs in English, everyone has the right to listen and like the music they like and it is normal to choose to perform with it. Moreover, a musical taste is cultivated and, if there was no one to introduce them to our wonderful songs and artists, there is no way they will be attracted to them,” explains the artist.