Thanks to the BSP, incomes were increased

Thanks to the BSP, incomes were increased
Thanks to the BSP, incomes were increased

The economy must be supported, because without it there is no way for social policy to work

“Why it didn’t work the first time, maybe all the parties have to give an answer. Because one of the parties in the coalition decided at some point that this government should be overthrown, of course the efforts were made quite diligently. But the BSP should be involved in the management of Bulgaria, because thanks to us, the pensions of Bulgarian citizens were increased. Bulgarian young families received free kindergartens and crèches, and families received tax breaks – 600 BGN for one child and 1,200 for two children.” This was stated by the leader of the “BSP for Bulgaria” list in the 24th MIR Georgi Svilenski in a pre-election debate on BTV.

According to him, the Bulgarian citizens see the social measures undertaken by the BSP and this should continue in the next government. “That is why we are appearing in these elections with the request to continue the social policy. The one we stood for and which we managed to defend in difficult debates with the PP and the other coalition partners,” added the socialist.

“While we listen to the arguments about whether diversification has been done and from how many sources the gas for Bulgaria is taken, the Bulgarian voters are interested in the price and secure supply. Yesterday we found out about a new 19% increase in the price. Let’s see who can provide cheap gas , because I’ve been hearing talk lately about a predictable price for gas. $5,000 is also a predictable price, but does that suit the Bulgarian economy and citizens?” he explained. He emphasized that BSP is for secure supplies at low prices, and this, according to him, means talks with everyone, including Gazprom.

Georgi Svilenski also commented on Borisov’s accusations that there is chaos in the finances and social programs will not be able to be implemented. “All this prepares the society that if GERB comes to power or the caretaker government continues to rule, the social achievements of the government, in which the BSP was the main pillar, will be reviewed,” the socialist pointed out.

“As of July 1.5 billion surplus, economy in first place in industrial production for the first half and in fourth place in GDP. We will not allow either social policy or pensions to be revised. On the contrary, we will insist that they be increased from January 1, because Bulgarian citizens must be compensated on the basis of inflation and justice. We will insist that the Bulgarian economy be supported. Because without a working economy, social policy cannot work and no one is talking about raising taxes,” he was categorical about the state of the state and the priorities of the left.

The socialist stated that the BSP has been fighting the GERB and DPS model for 12 years, where the GERB do whatever they want, and the DPS support them secretly, but without entering into a coalition. “And this model should not continue. In the 47th parliament, GERB expanded the model with DPS, including “Vazrazhdane” and “There is such a people” and formed a rather serious coalition to overthrow the government,” he summarized about the model of governance against which the left is fighting.

In conclusion, Georgi Svilenski said that Bulgarian citizens need solutions to the crises. “This can be done by a secure, strong and social state. That’s why our slogan this year will be: “For a social and secure state, with number 28″. On October 2, whoever wishes to receive such a state from the Bulgarian voters can support us,” he concluded.

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