A helicopter evacuated 20 people in distress, the National Investigation Agency is investigating the flood

A helicopter evacuated 20 people in distress, the National Investigation Agency is investigating the flood
A helicopter evacuated 20 people in distress, the National Investigation Agency is investigating the flood

20 people from the village of Bogdan were rescued by helicopters, at the moment there are no people in distress, Plovdiv regional governor Angel Stoev said at a briefing. Among the evacuees was a pregnant woman. Those evacuated by air will be accommodated in the hospital in Karlovo, where conditions have already been created for them.

There were no victims or injured in the floods in Karlovsko. However, the prosecutor’s office started an investigation into the causes of the flooding in several villages in Karlovy Vary. The investigation has been assigned to the National Investigation Service for a possible crime under Art. 335 of the Criminal Code – for negligently causing a flood, as a result of which significant property damage occurred. The scene of the accident was visited today by prosecutors from the District Prosecutor’s Office-Plovdiv and the District Prosecutor’s Office-Plovdiv.

The situation in the area continues to get more complicated. The situation in Karavelovo is tragic, Kliment, Stoletovo, Slatina and Selo are also affected Bogdan, which is cut off from the world.

In one of the villages there are several destroyed houses and a shop. In the village of Bogdan there is one destroyed house, in Karavelovo there are damaged house fences and several houses are partially destroyed.

Help was provided by the 61st Stryam Brigade, which reacted adequately and quickly, including with human power. The 61st Stryam Brigade can operate under such extreme conditions. Currently, over 100 military personnel are working with 10 pieces of equipment. It is lucky that the military was immediately on the scene – they were nearby on an exercise.

One helicopter is currently operating, with a second helicopter on standby. Sappers are traveling who will inspect the area where a sunken bridge can be placed.

On the other side of the river, reconnaissance is being carried out on the condition of the bridges so that Bogdan can be connected. They are waiting with helicopters to provide food and water.

The Director of the Main Directorate “Fire Safety and Protection of the Population”, Chief Commissioner Nikolay Nikolov, stated that it is a miracle that there were no victims and injured in this “flood poured from the sky”.

Yuliana Petkova, deputy director of the NSLS, stated that the service is working in the field and a team of investigators has been formed to conduct an investigation into the crime of causing a flood due to negligence, as there is no evidence of intentional activity. The investigation began with a drone survey of the scene. A flood is receding, resulting in significant property damage.

“The situation is very serious, it doesn’t stop raining here,” said the mayor of Stoletovo, Miroslav Kolev, quoted by “Podbalkanski novizt”.

Volunteers are already on duty all along the Stryama River, monitoring the river. In places it has broken levees and overflowed, flooding everything in its path, full and huge.

The military is on site, Civil Defense teams are moving in by boat. Divers are also involved in the evacuation of people.

According to the director of the State Security Service, Chief Commissioner Nikola Nikolov, who is on the spot, there are three distressed fishermen in the Fishermen near the village of Moskovets. It was Nikolov who denied the initial information about the first victim of the flood.

The Chairman of the Karlovo District Council, Donyo Todorov, announced that the river overflowed on the bridge between the villages of Dabene and Voynyagovo. In one part, the facility has collapsed and the place is impassable.

Due to the complicated weather conditions, the Troyan-Karnare pass is closed to traffic. Cars can pass through the Shipka pass, and for trucks – through Hainboaz.

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