“We continue the change” opened its election campaign in Plovdiv (video and photos)

Measures for a more social Bulgaria and new steps to curb theft from corruption are the priorities of “Continuing the change” in the next administration of the country. These include a new increase in pensions, a higher minimum wage and changes to the Anti-Corruption Commission so that it really goes after the corrupt.

“We continue the change” opened its election campaign in the city of the Unification of Bulgaria – Plovdiv, with a flash mob of the Bulgarian tricolor.

Today we are faced with a choice. The choice between the Bulgaria of the transition and the choice of a new, changed Bulgaria. Let’s make it so that the woman from Veliko Tarnovo whom we met and told us – “Please do what you have to, but I want my granddaughter from Germany to return to live here – to be able to raise her children here in Bulgaria “. I promised her. And do you know why I can make this promise? Because I believe that together we can do it!“, commented Kiril Petkov.

Asen Vassilev said: “We have taken some first steps. It was seen that when it is not stolen, there is money for higher pensions, and for kindergartens, and for higher maternity allowances, and for higher salaries for teachers, and for higher salaries for doctors, and the police and the army. We started investing in the people of Bulgaria and in our children.

During its seven-month rule, the Change government took the first steps towards a more independent and richer Bulgaria. The Petkov cabinet increased pensions by over 50% – more than in the last 12 years, made kindergartens free and stopped the corruption channel of the “Captain Andreevo” border crossing point, due to which poisonous fruits and vegetables with pesticides reached the Bulgarian table without control.

After October 2, the team of Kiril Petkov and Asen Vassilev will continue to work for a fair increase in pensions in our country – for dignified and peaceful old ages, as retirees live in other European countries.

Photo: PP

The party envisages an increase in the minimum wage to 50% of the average wage in the country – BGN 860 for 2023, as well as additional social and tax incentives and compensations for citizens. The goal of “Continuing the Change” is to fund new kindergartens and nurseries and to further support students, parents and teachers.

Photo: PP

With the funds from the stopped thefts in various sectors of the economy, the Change team started the projects for tunnels under Shipka and Petrokhan, initiated an agreement with Romania for a project for five bridges over the Danube, and for the first time proposed a transparent and fair distribution of funds for municipalities in Bulgaria.

Photo: PP

After October 2, “We continue the change” will continue the decisive fight against corruption models, by applying the principles of “zero tolerance to corruption” and “no one is above the law”.

The Change team believes that it is high time that the failed transition policy remains in the past, and that our children live in a changed, prosperous Bulgaria.

Photo: PP

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