Radev: The huge jump in the price of gas comes from two tankers whose price is twice as high

The result of the elections must be a functioning parliament and a stable government, the head of state also commented

“It should be clear that this huge jump in the price of gas is due to two tankers for liquefied gas, the price of which is almost twice as high as the maximum tolerable price announced by businesses and consumers”, this is what State Minister Rumen Radev commented to journalists upon arrival from the UAE.

“Under these established circumstances, the cabinet must make enormous efforts and work on all possible options to ensure reliable supplies at affordable prices,” he added.

“Inflation and price growth are the most serious problems facing Bulgarian citizens and they depend on a number of factors, but the most important are fuel, gas and electricity prices. While the mechanism for compensating for the high price of electricity is working, albeit with a number of problems, the reduction of gas and fuel prices requires decisive action,” added Radev.

Gazprom is one option that has not yet been exhausted, but it should be clear that Gazprom is not the only solution and not at any price. “Gazprom” is a solution only if good conditions are reached in terms of price and rescheduling of deliveries. Therefore, the government must continue the work in all possible directions and options, so as to guarantee supplies and their price. I expect the government to continue active work to reduce fuel prices,” the head of state stressed.

“The most important thing from these elections is that Bulgaria has a working parliament and a stable regular government, which will continue the policy of protecting Bulgarian citizens and businesses in crisis conditions. To adopt the legal framework under the Recovery and Resilience Plan and to undertake the decisive reforms with a long-term horizon that we all expect,” he pointed out in response to a question about what he expects from the election campaign starting today.

“I strongly hope that the parties have learned their lessons and in this campaign will not burn the bridges over which they will have to negotiate for the formation of a government,” added Radev.

“I hope that the parties will campaign with an eye to the future, to the interests of society and based on the facts, and not on the abuse of them.” Our society expects this official government to hold fair elections that will protect the citizens’ vote and prevent it from being distorted by a corporate and controlled vote,” Rumen Radev also stated.

When asked whether the caretaker government can leave a ready-made budget framework for the next year to a new regular cabinet, Rumen Radev answered that the caretaker government is obliged to develop a budget and hand it over, regardless of the degree of readiness, to the next regular government and the parliament and accordingly they make corrections and accept it.

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